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  1. VFA14 MN - CASE III w-ACLS-20220429-184156.trk VFA14 MN - CASE III w-ACLS-20220429-183517.trk
  2. video - Same mission, just changed freq to 336.0
  3. If I change the frequency on ACLS in a mission running on a MP server it will only transmit data if its set to 336.0 in the ME. Any other frequency will not transmit the data. If I run the same mission in SP mode from ME, it will transmit fine on other freqs. It also seems that the Kneeboard doesn't display the freq correctly if there is a decimal other than 0
  4. I will post them once I finish the build, it is very much a WIP right now. I didn't document my Hornet build very well, so I'm trying to do a better job this time around.
  5. I found your files and am working on a build. I redesigned it slightly to use a min stick and 4 way+push hats for the grips. I mirrored the parts in tinkercad for the left grip and adjusted the controls to match the real one. I have a 2 stage trigger designed. I'm currently working on sanding and filling the right grip while the center parts are printing. I plan to use 3 Arudino micros with a 6x6 button matrix and 2 axis (3 for the center section). Thanks for sharing the files!!! Part 1 of my build https://youtu.be/dxNo1tBHWPc
  6. no.. I just used screen shots form the game and some stuff I found searching google and used MS publisher to size them correctly. The clear is just some clear plastic sheeting I got at Hobby Lobby and cut with scissors
  7. The Diodes are required if you ever think you will have 2 (or more) buttons pressed at the same time. Without the diodes it will cause ghosting and you will not gettthe output you're expecting. I used momentary toggle switches but still did the diodes just incase. You basically wire them inline on either the rows or the columns of the matrix but not both. As far as making multiple UFCs..It would require each to have their own arduino, and you would have to come up with some kind of a swappable mount I never got around to making a wiring diagram. The Arduino sketches I provided both use a 5x5 matrix. here is a good video on how to wire that up -
  8. no modifications.. not sure why it works but it does. I use a 5 position rotary switch but only 3 of the positions are wired in and the bindings are as follows
  9. very nice - the side consoles stl files are no in the google drive with the front panel files
  10. Its a Squard D brand switch. The model is in the readme sweet!!! - If you look at the pic of mine I posted earlier.. the microswitch didn't work too well in the holes in the body.. I had to off set it a bit and bend the arm to get it to work consistently
  11. Its a flat aluminum bar that runs the length of the winwing (inside) and bolts to the mounts on the front too. If you have trouble, I can make the STLs for an adaptor pretty easily , just let me know
  12. I appreciate it man.. Hope you enjoy your pit as much as I do!!
  13. STL files have been added to my shared google drive. Info in the Read Me pdf. Donations appreciated but not mandatory - paypal - jself1@gmail.com https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CxYMFzfWFkWKXHwS2IiQCrdIfeTMGgU4?usp=sharing
  14. not yet.. working on getting them uploaded..check back in a few days. That switch will work fine...
  15. you nailed it. I raised the text 0.6mm (3 layers) then printed the last 2 layers in white
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