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  1. You can change the Burst Altitude (BA) in the CTRL page. I've found it needs to be set to at least 1000ft to be effective, I usually have it at 1500ft which is the default at least for the 105s.
  2. It actually was posted in the Viper forum then moved over here I guess by one of the mods. No idea why it got moved here though.
  3. Just wanted to wish my beautiful bug report a happy birthday. @NineLine or @BIGNEWY can we get a birthday cake to celebrate one fantastic year of hearing nothing from Ugra?
  4. I believe that only the impact azimuth setting is functional and impact angle has never worked.
  5. I noticed this yesterday as well (unfortunately no track). Had a bunch show up immediately as PGM1 even though the ellipsoid was still really large and it never got smaller. They also never seem to time out and go green either.
  6. For the HAD, class 4 contains all the EWRs if you want to filter them out.
  7. @BIGNEWY I just tested this on the latest OB and it is still a problem.
  8. It is fixed internally, we’re still waiting on the next OB for the fix to get pushed out to us.
  9. Hey @BIGNEWY, do you know if there was any update on this? It's been going on more than 7 months now for what seems like such a simple fix.
  10. What are you talking about? It took Deka literally less than a week from the bug being reported to them fixing it, not to mention that they are also celebrating Chinese New Year during this time. Besides, you were looking at the stable branch patch update today not OB.
  11. It should be noted that IRL and presumably when we get DTC that those points on the HSD are really just steerpoints. So the accuracy of those threats will come down to the accuracy of where those steerpoints are placed, we're just lucky now that they are all autogenerated from the unit locations in the ME.
  12. You guys are surviving aircraft damage? Lol. I don't remember the last time I was hit in the Viper where my pilot wasn't instantly killed.
  13. Correct, it’ll be the -229 and APG-70.
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