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  1. ECM blinking is funny as hell. Its useless after burn through.. but before that you can really supress the Eagles. Sure they can launch amraams with no lock, but they aint gonna hit squat. ECM blinker 4 Life.
  2. An Aero.ru fan I presume? Next it'll be the plasma stealth.
  3. F4AF's Falcon kicks ass. Good video dude, showing it's capabilities.
  4. I will humour you. We can assume VVanks and co were at the same computer. 2 players, 2 computers, and 1 cockpit however, is a different story. Been there, done it.
  5. Meh.. they are ok.. The best is that loong epic war at dusk video... by Ghostrider
  6. Online? Around mach .8 fly straight at the missle and roll as fast as you can with full rudder. This causes the aircraft to warp to the server and the missile will miss.
  7. A good pilot will kill you, then laugh at you on comms.
  8. MIG-25 is the most manoeuvrable plane.... at mach 3 ;)
  9. Respectfully, the thousands of people who buy this title, disagree 100%.
  10. The KH-29T is considerably heavier, and has a slightly larger body diameter than the KAB-500kr.... the TV guided version, not the normal dumb bomb. It also has more TNT equivilant (317kg vs. 195kg) As suggested, the phanta and Vikhr combo seems to be better for taking out short range SAMs and AAA systems.... that and they can be used more efficiently against moving targets also. I'll keep the TV guided weapons for Bunkers, command posts etc.
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