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  1. Hi all. I couldn't find the activation key! The lockon website says: "4.1. After completing #4, the StarForce activation key window will appear (Fig.2). Enter your Serial Number in the field at the bottom of the window. The Serial Number is displayed under the Lock On Flaming Cliffs file icon on the http://www.lockon.ru site, after completing payment. To ensure that you have entered the Serial Number correctly, copy the Serial Number from the website and paste it into the activation field." The serial number is in fact in the files/download section. The FAQ should be updated, it took me a while to find it.
  2. Read until understood. How many of those games are modelling a complex electronic environment, missile performance etc all of which eats up processor capacity? Lock On is a very complex game and can't be compared to HL2, Doom3 etc all of which are mainly driving eye candy IMHO What would be good measures to make a comparison? Average polygon counts are one thing: the higher the number of polygons, the heavier, no matter how the code is written. Are there other data that we could use to compare the relative burden a game puts on the system which are independent of optimisation? Or does anyone know a good way to benchmark? I just think performance is important.
  3. Dear ED, I hope that the addon will be released eventually. The optimistically planned release date of February 2005 seems too good to be true, literally. In the likely event that the release will be later, could you update the LockOn website to "March" before the end of February? To have an estimated release date that has passed isn't neat, isn't tidy. I look forward to the addon, but will not have time to play it anyway. I will buy it, regardless of copy protection schemes. However, the one thing that UBI did right was to drop the CD requirement, so I hope that your scheme will not be very intrusive. Keep up the good work, your flight sim is a good one. I haven't enjoyed a flight sim this much since Falcon on the old Mac Plus. 512 kB RAM, nine inch B&W screen. Loads of fun. Regards, Snorri H. :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. My experience (20+ countries in europe, a lot of dealings with americans) is that people are people, wherever they are born. Love, peace, and all that s***! No, seriously, let's all be friends and enjoy a good flight sim. The professionalism and dedication of the lomac team in Moscow doesn't surprise me in the least. Kudos :prayer: :supz: Just get 1.1 out soon!
  5. Re: LOMAC and Patches. :roll: Check your system, mate. There never was a 3.06 GHz P4 with FSB 800 MHz, only with 533 MHz. Corsair 4100 ? :wink:
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