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  1. As English is not my native language I might not understand your question? If you loosen the grip fastener that fixes the grip to the base, can you not turn the grip left/right for 15 degrees?
  2. This is a mod, DCS: FC3 / SU-25A Complete English Cockpit Mod (digitalcombatsimulator.com), there are more on download section.
  3. The VKB grip has a standard 15(?) degrees option to left/right. Just undo the screw that fixes it to the base and turn the grip. Then fixate it again.
  4. I'm not that good (not at all ) in making this stuff. I ordered some made to my own specific seizes here Andere - Kundenspezifische Abdeckung (rotri.de) . They do a great job for any size you want.
  5. Slaw has a new device PRE-ORDER!!! RH ROTOR Rudder Pedals - Slaw Device
  6. I'm a (very!) happy Viper V2 user. These rotor pedals look also well made. Congrats on your new product.
  7. Thank you for this interview. It is very intersting, only a shame that the translation stops after an hour... I still see the SU-25(A) as most interesting of all FC3 planes. For me, it would be a direct buy if ED or one of its contractors would make this model a full model with clickable cockpit et all. Not the T-version. And I don't understand why this T-version has so much attention as it was only produced in very small numbers. How interesting would it be to see the implementation of the safety fuses in the braking discs as mentioned in the interview. Or the max-g for a fully loaded plane. There is so much that makes this plane so outstanding that it really deserves to come out of the LockOn/FC series.
  8. hsth

    Kneeboard I-16

    Got it working? It's working normally on both release and beta at my end: :\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\I-16 and :\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\I-16
  9. @Avantar, How do you set the Communication menu that is triggered by the "\" button? In the dropdown list there is the left & right backslash but not the single button (ASCII "92"). Thanks.
  10. Easiest way to control all your DCS installations & settings is use of this application The DCS Updater GUI Utility - DCS Mods - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  11. @dburne, if you're looking for comfort for the index I can only advice Valve Index | Index Comfort Accessories | Studioform Creative . It took some getting here to The Netherlands but it sure was worth the wait.
  12. Check with this guy Grip Stands | Replika Gear , no information how fast he'll be up to deliver.
  13. Sorted. At first I deleted all input entries (Config\Input) & diff lua's for MiG in Saved Games. Did not work. Deleted whole Saved Games directory. Worked. Copied back all MiG diff lua's but this time into new(?) directory InputUserProfiles. Reloaded diff's in control screen. Works. Looking forward to have some missions again in MiG.
  14. Don't know what headset you're using but did you already have a look at Studioform Creative | Valve Index Accessory Oculus Quest 2 Comfort Acce ? Helps great in balancing the weight and the extra strap makes it really comfortable.
  15. Here is a test.trk that shows the problem. test.trk
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