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  1. Ok, sounds good, but why my credit card was not used yet?
  2. Sorry, but the state of radar after the last patch is correct? I barely get a lock on a lock up target 16 miles ahead... I suppose a multi-milion 90's fighter have a better radar...
  3. Grea job! I think the time when the players lose their patience about the state of missiles has came.
  4. DCS Forum: A magic place where a real life fighter pilot is schooled by "sim-gaming" pilots about air combat tactics...
  5. PVP? On PVE the IA can notch a missile just fine with gentle turn now... The most modern missile on game is almost useless.
  6. I think this summarizing all of our frustrations. The ED seems dont care too much with multiplayer, patch after patch, the problem seems worse.
  7. We have some type of law here on forums, even when the problem is obvious, someone will defend to death till the admins declare as a bug.
  8. The same Hornet who gain speed faster than F-16 after a high G turn.
  9. The Viper FM is not the problem, play against other good FM planes in DCS is fun, you can use the strongs and avoid the weaks. The F/A-18 FM is the problem, the F/A-18 is a monster on 1C (and this is ok) and better than F-15 and F-16 on 2C (and thats is weird).
  10. GS is a kind of noob friendly dogfight videos, maybe scripted sometimes, but really obvious not serious opponents. The fact you take them as source is funny. It's really really hard to defeat a somewhat skilled Hornet pilot, not in the Viper, but in every other plane on DCS. The Hornet now is a plane without a weakness. The ultimate killer, if this is correct there's no need to develop new planes at all.
  11. Yeah, because everybody and their dogs known the F/A-18 have a better climb rate/turn rate performance then F-15C in RL. Got it.
  12. If you want to kill me, just stab me to death, I will suffer less.
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