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  1. Well.... the "beginning of the year" has come and gone... Any news???
  2. Short video of what happened after I got hit with a Stinger...
  3. I doubt that the Edge 540 and Extra 330 are EFM. I haven't flown (or downloaded an update for ) the Edge 540, but I tried the Extra 330 just 2-3 weeks ago. It's fun, but it's anything but realistic, so I really doubt they use EFM.
  4. Su-30SM: Bomber Intercept (a modified version of the old Su-27 "Bomber Intercept" Instant Action mission). More enemies, more missiles, more fun!
  5. Thanks again, SA!! You've been so helpful! I'd still like to see this functionality properly mapped rather than having to re-set BVR mode.
  6. How do I switch targets? Once I lock up a target in BVR mode, I can't switch it. I tried binding the "Next airfield or target" option to different hotas buttons, but none of them seem to do anything - once a target it locked, the only way I can unlock it it switch the radar off and on again... Any help is appreciated.
  7. I had this problem before using the refueling switch. Before hooking up, pull it back - I don't recall what the label says, but it's in the rearward position. I've done AAR in the A4E 4-5 times and I've never failed to get the "Transfer Complete" call once the switch is in the backwards position. Good luck.
  8. Another OB update today and still no announcement. The suspense is killing me! LoL! To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect from the La-7. Aside from historical accounts, the only thing I have to go by is the La-5FN in that other sim. I find that plane a bit of a pig - not particularly fast, no quick acceleration, looses energy easily in a turning fight even with careful stick and throttle handling. Then again, I, personally, don't put much stock into any of the FMs modeled in the other sim. Besides, that one is a La-5FN, not a La-7. Given the strive for utmost realism in DCS and the remarkable job that OctopusG did on the I-16, I expect that his La-7 will be much closer to real life - for better or worse. Either way, I can't wait!
  9. Doc3908

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Did this mod ever get the EFM?
  10. Su-30SM vs. F-15, F-16, and F-18 (guns only). "Veteran" AI, 75% fuel for all.
  11. Tried this server briefly yesterday and had a good time. Not too many people at the time - probably 6-7 on the allied side and 3 on the axis side - but it was enough to have some fun. My favorite thing is that it supports a wider mix of aircraft, including my personal favorite - the I-16. Yes, this is not even close to historically accurate, but I'm getting tired of flying Spits and -109s, so having other aircraft that I can challenge myself in against other players is a big plus. Thank you to the server hosts/moderators.
  12. You right - I forgot to set up the config.lua file. Cheers! Nice!!!
  13. Downloaded the new 2.01B.zip from the first Google link and installed it in place of the 2.0 version. Once again all the old issues came up - no air-to-air modes, no radar, no helmet, etc. I think I'll wait until v.3 (stable) is out...
  14. OH!!! Duh!! I should have guessed. On the SU-27, however, the 'S' simply disables the automatic stability system - there's no TV. I assumed that it's the same on the Su-30 - 's' disables the stability control system. I did not think that it controls the TV, but I guess it makes sense. I'll give it a try tonight when I get home from work. Cheers!
  15. Sorry, I meant on the stick. It's the tiny white switch on the stick that turns on TV once it's been enabled from the left-side panel. I went through the mappings and didn't see one either. Hopefully in the next version.
  16. Thanks, SA63114200! Is there a way to map the TV switch on the stick to hotas? The switch on the left-side panel can be enabled before you get into a fight, but the switch on the stick that actually turns TV on is inconvenient to access in the middle of a dogfight.
  17. You can definitely bind the countermeasures keys to hotas buttons (I have). The problem is that in "MAN" (manual mode), you still have to choose a program and then click "start program" or "stop program". Right now, program P2 is the one that dispenses 5 chaff and program P1 and P4 (??) dispense flairs (P4 shoots all the flares, I think). So, you have to switch to program P2 for BVR, then quickly switch back to P1 or P4 when you get close enough for heat seekers. I wish there was a way - in manual mode - to just bind one button to release one flare per press and one button to release one chaff per press. I can then decide which button to press and how many times/how frequently based on the situation.
  18. I was looking forward to reading an update in today's new Open Beta release, but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer...
  19. There appears to a 2.0B and 2.0Beta zip files. I just downloaded the .2.0Beta and it's different from the 2.0B that I got yesterday. The 2.0Beta works just fine - helmet mode and everything, even the scared pilot.
  20. It looks like there are different versions of the mod floating around. I got mine from this link yesterday. It looks different from the version I've seen in many of the videos online. The scared pilot is not visible in the mirrors, the buttons just under the HUD look different from what I've seen in the youtube vids. More importantly, much of the functionality is compromised. As I pointed out earlier, the NVGs are permanently mounted and cannot be swapped out for the helmet (regardless of whether you choose it in ME or ask the ground crew). The different A2A modes pretty much don't work - you can switch from navigation to an A2A mode, but they all look exactly the same (except for the helmet mode, which shows the NVGs and is unusable) and do nothing. You cannot access the radar, you cannot move the target designator, etc. I think this may be an old version that was made available by mistake. In the meantime, I'm trying to download from the Google link that was shared earlier, but it keeps saying "too many downloads"... And, personally, I'm not a discord fan, so I do not wish to set up an account just so I can download this. I hope the developers can make the definitive version available on Google drive or DropBox or wherever and put an official download link. Thanks in advance!!
  21. I'm not quite sure, but I don't think it's been a year yet since the T-45 mod came out...
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