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  1. Any ETA on the new FLIR for the rest of the ED modules?
  2. Will it have the US marines skins though? ED pls, I really like those
  3. Most of the modules have these things bindable, would be nice to have it in F-14 too.
  4. This worked, thanks! It must be the language change that causes this. Just like Dagger52, I initially installed DCS in different languge (might have been automatic based on my region) and changed it to english later.
  5. With your modding experience, Is it possible to make Shkval FLIR mod?
  6. I wouldn't dare turning Jester off, I just assume he would say "Sorry dave, I'm afraid I can't do that". Plus he's very useful with the LANTIRN, it's just that this works from air start, so I it's probably a bug.
  7. Cold start, using mk82 in tgt computer mode, then switching to GBU16, man. ord. mode. I find target myself from the RIO seat and designate, when I switch to pilot, JESTER looses track - he gives me a cue to align for about 2 seconds but then it seems the LANTIRN goes to snowplow. When I start from the air, he stays on the target when I switch back to pilot and I can pickle without any issues. I'm not sure if it's cold start that does this, dropping the mk82s before, or something else entirely.
  8. And looks like new bow wave effects too! I haven't downoladed yet but they are in the Forrestal trailer. ED thanks for the core game update, great job!
  9. I have roughly the same performance as on the Channel when it was released, so if it's gonna get the same kind of optimisation update, I'm fine with that. Untill then, flat shodows is the way.
  10. Are you guys planning any more optimisation? I understand adding Cyprus means it's out of early acces, so does this mean no more updates? I wish something could be done about those buildings poping out right in front of me.
  11. Dude, I wanted to take a break from DCS and you just ruined my plans Those winter textures are brilliant, thank you
  12. No matter what settings is used for "forest visibility" option (can be set in a range of 30% to 100%), the trees render distance is still the same. This works on the other maps, so it looks like Syria specific bug. This is forest visibility set to 30% Edit: This is fixed in the latest patch (16.6.2021)
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