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  1. As long as A/G weapon accuracy isn’t degraded by not going down to 6. Thanks @BIGNEWY
  2. Reproduction steps: 1. Engine start 2. INS to "NORM ALIGN" 3. Wait for the alignment quality to tick down Expected Result: Alignment quality should hit 6 on "NORM ALIGN" Actual Result: Alignment quality stays at 10 and goes no further Track was bigger than 5MB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrv02mgigvsenig/viper_ins.trk?dl=0
  3. I was just posting some low-to-high shots, which seem to have a higher Pk than the inverse. I'm just looking for confirmation around notching.
  4. @BIGNEWYCan you confirm that this effect is a result of the missile looking down at the target, which might cause the target to get lost in the ground clutter (notch)? The effect does seem less pronounced when firing from low to high, which makes me think its being caused by a notch (high to low shots). Here are a couple low-to-high tracks: fox3_test_3_30k_2.trkfox3_test_3_30k.trk Corresponding tacviews: Tacview-20210202-115344-DCS-fox3_test_low_hi.zip.acmiTacview-20210202-115726-DCS.zip_low_hi.acmi I did see 1/6 missiles dive for chaff while looking up at a target, but anecdotally, when the missile is looking down there seems to be a very high chance (greater than 50%?). Given that AAMRAMs loft, this will mean that a high percentage of missile shots will be looking down. I understand that a bigger sample size would be needed to determine anything empirically. Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.
  5. The Hornet radar has trouble locking things up outside of 30nm. Steps to reproduce: 1. Attempt to STT lock a hot aspect target from greater than 30nm away Expected result: STT lock should acquire and hold Actual result: Radar goes to "MEM" state and eventually drops STT lock. Track is attached. RWS SAM (not sure if this is the name for it) mode can successfully bug a target, and TWS works for launching missiles. Both fail when you try to STT. I tested on both Syria and PG (just in case) and its the same behavior. radar_syria.trk
  6. HARMs appear to be lofting way over the target after the latest patch. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch at a target from 6nm or greater at medium (~15k) altitude 2. If the target is fairly close, the missile will fly way too high over the target Close in shots that do not trigger the lofting logic seem to be working okay. Mission and track file attached. This was the search that I used; apologies if this has been posted earlier: https://forums.eagle.ru/search.php?searchid=36676252 harm_test.miz HARM.trk
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