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  1. Will there be a difference in performance between using 4 x 16GB sticks vs 2 x 32Gb sticks? I already have 32GB (2 x 16GB) and I'm thinking of upgrading to 64GB, but how to do it? It's more cost effective to buy two more of the same 16GB sticks that I'm already using, than to buy two new 32GB sticks and discard 2 perfectly good 16GB sticks. Even if using 2 channels of 32GB does perform better than using 4 channels of 16GB, I assume 64GB (4 x 16) overall will still be better than 32 GB of x2 16?
  2. Do you need to record live? Even if you've played in VR you can play the tracks back in 2D. Can you use OBS to record whilst you're playing a track file? If you want to see the VR head movements from the pilot's perspective the track file will show that, as long as you leave it alone to play and don't switch to any other views, such as F2 etc. As soon as you do that you lose the VR pilot's view.
  3. I've seen a wale swimming around the harbour at Ushuaia. I haven't spotted any other animals yet.
  4. I honestly think it's really not bad at all. It's pretty good! I didn't expect it to look as detailed the photograph but it's quite accurate.
  5. Great photo! Do you know where the exact spot is on the map? Maybe go there in DCS in a chopper, land and compare the view, just for fun! It would be interesting to see.
  6. Yes, it must be a problem with the map, I've experienced flickering too with a Quest 2.
  7. That's a strange one. I wonder if maybe it's your PC power supply? Maybe the Quest 2 is drawing more power than it can supply? Have you tried tracing which fan is spooling up? Can't really think of anything else, sorry. Other than make sure all your software is up to date - graphics card drivers etc.
  8. This video might help: https://youtu.be/lWfavwNk9Hs
  9. Yes and it's even more pronounced in the Harrier shots. I'd like to see it with the Depth of Field option off.
  10. The opening shots look great but then when you see it with the aircraft in shot, there seems to be some sort of disconnect, like the aircraft and terrain are not part of the same environment. It almost looks as if the aircraft is a model suspended in front of a blue screen or something. It's especially noticeable on the Harrier shots towards the end. Whether it's something to do with the fact that they're using (albeit heavily modified) satellite images - maybe the resolution is not high enough, or it's just the DCS settings that are being applied, such as blur and depth of field, I don't know. If that's the case then I'd like to see some video without those settings applied. And some interaction with the environment, such as dropping bombs etc. I've just watched some DCS cinematic videos on youtube and I don't notice the the same feeling of disconnect on other maps that I see in this video. Although, I'm aware those cinematic videos might have other effects applied to make them blend more realistically. Hopefully it's just a quirk of this video, as otherwise it does look like it could be a great map.
  11. Yes, good point, I agree, I had the same thought, but I was also just curious if anyone knew or had experience of the difference in performance of the two AMD cards. If it's noticeably greater, then the flipside is maybe I don't need to wait for an even higher spec card. It could still be worth waiting for the (hopefully) even lower prices though.
  12. Thanks, I know it might be a bit against the grain, but I'd rather stick with AMD. I think they offer better value. 3070s's are around $750/$800 range at the moment vs around $550 for a 6700XT. I'm using a Quest 2, for reference.
  13. I'm currently using a Sapphire 5700XT Pulse, which I think is an excellent card and I'm thinking of upgrading to a Sapphire 6700XT (Pulse or Nitro). Firstly, I just want to start by saying, I'm aware that just getting the best of everything you can - CPU, GPU, RAM etc. is generally the best way to go as far as getting the best VR performance is concerned. However, for the time being I'm just debating upgrading my graphics card and even though prices have come down a lot, I don't want to spend a grand or more on a 6800XT or 6900XT etc. So, I'm thinking of upgrading just a step up, from a 5700XT to a 6700XT, specifically a Sapphire Pulse or Nitro and I'm wondering, is there anyone else who has made this specific upgrade from a 5700Xt to a 6700XT and was there any noticeable improvement in VR performance? If not, I'll probably just stick with my 5700XT and wait until (maybe) the higher end cards come down in price even further. According to online GPU reviews there is a noticeably useful jump in FPS performance from a 5700XT to 6700XT, at least for 2D games, but I wonder if the same is true for VR performance. I really wish review sites would also include some VR games in their benchmark tests. I know they're unlikely to review anything as niche as DCS but some kind of indication would be useful.
  14. Useful information to know. Thanks.
  15. Yes, I agree with your points. There's a gap in the market for a TWCS HOTAS type dual horizontal throttle with some buttons, but I agree with you, unfortunately I don't think Thrustmaster will ever make it. The TWCS sells so well anyway I suppose it makes no business sense for them to spend the time and money re-engineering it only to sell it at a similar price.
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