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  1. If you have a track file, you can replay it and the mission end screen will show you who shot who. Conversely, TacView is good for this sort of thing if you have it installed
  2. If you go to Settings -> Special -> A-10CII -> Customized Cockpit and change it to "Factory new", the AAP looks like this:
  3. "Correct" is a relative term . Maybe it's best left "as intended." FWIW, range-only TACAN would be tough to use for rendezvous when you have dumb AI tankers. AFAIK, IRL the tanker would help you out in a variety of ways (hitting waypoints on time, communications, etc.), all of which the AI tankers are incapable of doing. Bearing is actually trickier because you need some kind of directional antenna to broadcast bearing info. Range is pretty easy and just requires to radios "handshake" a signal--one airplane signals the other, the other signals back, and the first airplane times how long it takes to determine slant range. That takes a minimum of equipment and a tiny antenna.
  4. Hmm, now I have a sneaking suspicion it was from updating my joystick firmware, but I don't know how that could be but it still looks ok. All the curves and responses on the axis tuners still look ok, it's very strange. Thanks for the info guys! Update: Yes, it was indeed the joystick firmware update. Recalibration fixed it, even though it looked fine on all the visual scales <shrug>
  5. Yes, I can't recall where, but ED stated that was their intention. The why is controversial and unclear
  6. For reference, both the ILS and TCN knobs on the audio panel default in the down/off position. All the others start out up/on. Doesn't explain why you weren't getting range/bearing. If you were receiving the TCN signal, you'd be getting range/bearing regardless of whether the audio knob is on or off, so there was probably some other step that was missed... Also, FWIW, in DCS, tankers use T/R mode, not AA T/R.
  7. A couple updates ago, I recall the F-16 FLCS got changed, and there were some issues with gains where people complained of the controls being too sensitive, then there was a fix this last update. Somewhere around that time, I think I started noticing that the A-10CII controls became more sensitive as well. Normally, it takes 1/2 to 3/4 back stick to rotate the nose, but recently, I've been almost having tail strikes from the nose snapping up with that kind of input. Likewise, at cruise speed, the controls sometimes feel much more sensitive than I recall in both pitch and roll, and I feel like I've been yanking the plane around lately. I'm wondering if this is somehow connected to the F-16 flight control changes. The problem is, I didn't record or test anything beforehand, so I have no idea if this is all in my head. Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. Does inputting zero for EL on the waypoint page reset it to ground elevation on the WAYPT page? Or does it bury the waypoint underground?
  9. Just for reference, that should be TMS right long. That will make your most recent mark point SPI.
  10. If you don't have the buttononlogy on your current controls, the China Hat switch Forward is important to map. If you don't have a 2-way switch, just put Forward on a button, it's that important. China Hat switch Aft is less crucial and can be left on the keyboard or somewhere less accessible.
  11. Make sure you have winds set up in the proper direction for the ILS runways. In DCS, the ILS turns off if the winds are from the wrong direction, or too slow. The effects is maddeningly unreproducible, though, so it's not clear what the precise parameters are. Winds down the runway direction more than 5 knots would be a good starting point. FWIW, the true localizer indicator is the CDI on the HSI. The yellow bar on the ADI is the roll director, it's not the same thing.
  12. Interesting, nice catch. You can actually go through the start sequence with the inverter and igniters off, then flip on the inverter and it appears to start perfectly fine.
  13. LOL, that makes me think of those professional poker players. Whenever they check their hole cards, it's always just a show and never for real, because they make a point of knowing what their hole cards are.
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