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  1. IIRC, they made a point of moving a bunch of UI and general controls to the individual modules, so if you're flying the A-10CII, it's there now. Weirdly, it's still in UI layer and allows only for a mouse keybind--go figure.
  2. Just press the Master Mode button, it cycles the HUD mode from NAV -> GUNS -> CCIP -> CCRP Confusingly, if your in GUNS mode with the default gun reticle, and you're not in an attitude where the impact point is in range, the reticle will vanish and you'll get "CCIP INVALID" right where "CCIP" appears when you're in CCIP mode. Conversely, when you're in CCIP mode in the wrong attitude, you won't see the reticle or bomb fall line and you'll get no such error displayed.
  3. I assume you meant DMS switch, not Coolie Hat switch. DMS left and right cycles weapons when HUD is SOI. HOWEVER: If the HUD happens to be in gun mode, DMS left and right cycles the gunsight reticle mode instead. That's why manually selecting a weapon fixed it, it switched you out of gun mode into the HUD mode connected to that weapon profile (CCIP or CCRP).
  4. No, just the edit you can make to the lua brightness to find a reasonable medium between day and night
  5. Yes, the A-10 is only for people who can multitask
  6. Cool beans, thanks! I kind of liked @Caldera's boot size theory, though!
  7. @Yurgon speaks correctly. The MVR setting corresponds to no button being pressed, and UP and DN correspond to the respective "Flaps Up<>Center" and "Flaps DN<>Center" keybinds. When you start, you might need to cycle the flaps switch to get it in the correct position, or have the "sync HOTAS" option in settings enabled.
  8. I'd suspect more so that they're trying to get people ready for flight training in general, and just happen to be using DCS and the A-10. The A-10 is one of the most conventional flying jet aircraft.
  9. In DCS the "night" setting just makes the HUD amber, which doesn't sound NVG compatible to me It depends on your NVG brightness, on full moon nights I don't have to change the HUD intensity, but on dark nights I'll have to turn the NVG's up and the HUD down. I've not had problems finding a setting that works for the HUD. The NVG's themselves, on the other hand, have had some challenges on and off over the last several updates
  10. That would be nice if so! I wonder if the F-15E uses the same throttle, that would be a nice bonus
  11. The WW Orion throttle? I use the upper 4-way switch and lower 4-way switch for the mic. China Hat switch is on the joystick in my setup. Remember the 4-way switches are both actually 5-way switches, you can press them in too
  12. Late to the party here, but on the VR4DCS blog, it's been suggested that HAGS (hardware accelerated GPU scheduling) is on by default in Windows 11 and can result in some problems in some use cases. HAGS is not on by default in Windows 10. I don't use Windows 11, so I don't know much more detail, but you might want to look into that if you plan on Win 11 in the future
  13. FWIW, upscaling results in some GPU overhead. You can see that additional GPU frametime in the "GPU scl" on the OpenXR Toolkit advanced overlay. In theory, upscaling can worsen performance if you upscale less than a minimum amount--the overhead could be more than frametime you gain in the reduced rendered resolution. To put it in perspective, in FSR 1.0, AMD calls "quality" 67% and "ultra quality" 77%. That seems to suggest above 77% you will get diminishing returns or even performance decrease. FYI, in Open XR Toolkit, setting a upscaling percentage over 100% reverses the ratio, so 120% = 83%, and 133% = 75% So you'd need at least 130% to get to AMD's "ultra quality" setting, and 150% to get to "quality". I don't have any experience with NIS, but given the reported similarities, I suspect the numbers work out about the same.
  14. I recall in the past the check in with the AI JTAC would refer to APKWS as "AGR-20", both audio and text?
  15. Either that or he realized he screwed up after intending to use the designator laser instead
  16. I'm pretty sure the A-10 won't fly without the gun. Heck, I thought I recalled the empty casings are retained mostly to prevent the plane going out of CG limits. Is the max gross weight for the C significantly higher than the A?? I would have thought they'd be the same, there's no airframe structural change, right?
  17. Wait, did you change them? I had tried injecting the commands from your post last week, and OPEN and HOLD worked, but not CLOSE
  18. The biggest advantage of using "QNH" is that the altimeter setting is always in the DCS briefing and works over the entire map. Wish it worked that way in real life In US general aviation, when you're on the ground at an airport with no ATIS or automatic weather info, the FAA actually recommends pilots set the altimeter to the known airfield elevation, so it's not just a DCS workaround either
  19. I've had this happen once, and never again. I was never able to reproduce it. IIRC, it was the right middle button (OSB 8 ) on the right MFCD, but it was a long time ago.
  20. Your HOTAS firmware or Joystick Gremlin could be used to create such a cycle, but yes, that would be nice if DCS had that option
  21. To clarify, ED simply labels an open beta build every 3-6 months as the current "stable version". You can look at the actual version number to identify which how old the stable version is. As of today, stable is, which is the same version number for (and identical to) the open beta version from 5/25/22. It's a different use of the concept of "open beta" and "stable" than other developers might use, which does cause some confusion.
  22. This was fixed in Open Beta shortly after the last stable update 2 months ago
  23. That looks about right There are still some IR bugs, like some vehicles are mapped as completely cold, but overall better.
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