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  1. First assignment out of pilot training was the F-111 in 1968. Unfortunately, they were putting new pilot grads in the right seat at that time. I was in the 427th TFS at Nellis from June 1968 to about March 1969, then got an F-100 slot at Luke, then on to Vietnam. Some pictures attached of the F-111 that I took while flying out of Nellis. The snow-covered mountain views were taken while we were flying over the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The TFR was an amazing system, but it still had some bugs when I was there. We did once hit Mach 1.1 at 200-ft AGL (accidently), coming out of the clouds down the backside of a mountain.
  2. I have a car seat mounted on top of a plywood box. I mounted two 50-watt AuraSound transducers (bass shakers) on the bottom side of the top panel of the box. The vibrations made it through the wood and seat padding so that I can feel them while sitting in the seat. Very worthwhile addition to the flight sim experience. I use a Dayton Audio 200 watt amplifier to drive the bass shakers. Pictures attached. Sorry I cannot get the the pictures to appear in correct chronological order, but you should get the idea.
  3. Same here with the F5. TACAN seems to be frequently unreliable, or unresponsive, for Nellis.
  4. I7 9700k, 32GB Ram, Samsung 970 Pro 1TB SSD, 2070 Super. Fluid play with no stutters at max settings for both F-16 and F-18.
  5. I run 32 GB of 3200 MHz RAM on a 34" 1440p monitor, using an RTX 2070 Super & an i7 9700k cpu. I run DCS at max settings and get a very fluid picture with no stutters (SP).
  6. That is probably what happened, i.e., it may not have made it into the last update of Stable Version 2.7. Hopefully, it will make it into the next update. Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. btd, have the sounds in your post of June 25, Cockpit Sound Test 2, been integrated into Stable 2.7? I was flying the F-5 today and the engine sounds did not seem to be 100% true to what I hear in Sound Test 2, i.e., seemed to be missing some of the "howl".
  8. I was flying the F-111 at Nellis during this time. Made friends with some of the F-4 instructors in the Fighter Weapons School and talked my way into a couple back seat rides with the instructors. Here is an echelon formation turn onto Initial Approach at Nellis. This was late afternoon, so the color cast may be a little biased towards the yellow/orange spectrum. I also re-created that first photo in DCS using an F-16 instead of the F-4. This gives a little color comparison of the real world vs DCS.
  9. Here is another one from the same time frame, heading towards one of the gunnery ranges. A little blurry, but the color tones seem pretty accurate.
  10. A 53 year old picture I took as we were entering the Nellis traffic pattern in 1968. I think the color tones are still pretty accurate, i.e., photo color has not faded much with time.
  11. Great! Looking forward to seeing the future cloud enhancements. They really bring a new level of realistic immersion to the flight simulation experience.
  12. Unable to find a setting to generate the towering thunderstorm (Cumulonimbus) clouds. I assume this cloud formation is not yet available? Are there any plans to introduce Cumulonimbus clouds in future updates?
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