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  1. Because Ed probably has about two programmers overseeing the entire game elements. It is a bit embarrassing that someone can make such an improvement on a game that is not open source. Imagine if ED folded and people cracked and improved like they have with BMS!!!
  2. This is great, however, I do wonder if simple on/off comparisons is quite enough. Combinations could make cumulative effects and in that case the combinations could be endless!
  3. Come on DCS, your basket physics look antiquated and are embarrassing compared to BMS!
  4. That's great, will try that tonight!
  5. Get the beta here... https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APhSkJhHNXS4pRM&id=AAE14DA560024F57!112&cid=AAE14DA560024F57
  6. I find the Mi24 much more stable personally!
  7. Start Vaicom>Reset>Lua code> MASTER ZERO Then restart VA
  8. Folks, we will never see another 225, so stop kidding yourselves. Besides, as sad as it was to see, the state of Ukraine is far more a problem now. Assuming this all came to an end tomorrow recovery will take years, a rebuild of an aircraft will not be within their priorities. It took a lot of work to get the existing airframe certified. Nothing on that airframe will be airworthy now, too many potential structural failures and the jigs are long gone. RIP Mriya, Peace to all those who have lost their loved ones, lives, homes, and Ukraine
  9. Why do we have to join SRS indiviually and in specific order when playing on my mates server? If anyone is late, or has to restart, there is no VOIP connection at all! Has anyone got any ideas?
  10. I decided to give this a go last night and yet again I cannot get the x52 to work. Tried all the different profiles in x52 software. When set as a mouse it behaves like a mouse. But despite putting mouse under tdc x and y it will only move the mouse in the cockpit.... I wonder if I need to look deeper into windows? I only need for the harrier really as it is a PITA to adjust mav's with digital only HAT switch!
  11. Thanks for the clarification
  12. I never fly with autopilot yaw unless at speed on a long leg Although I do not like the crabbing you get occasionally with all three wheels down!
  13. I was just wondering if there is any plans to model this system? I haven't noticed any change in power available on or off, and must assume in real life there must be operating limitations placed on the ability to lift/hover etc.... Also any plans to allow for problems if run in dust for prolonged periods without activating the dust extraction system?
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