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  1. That's very doubtful. Eagle drivers weren't the majority of the people flying in HL during the GMT 00:00 - 05:00 time period. Plus, IMO, the problems with the F-15 that are most serious are problems for all fighter a/c. (De-rating of the AMRAAM notwithstanding) And I would find it more likely that the actual problems with the modeling had more negative effect than any campaign to have them corrected. The bottom line here for me is that flying 1.02 was a blast even with the bugs that were later corrected. Flying FC just isn't as much fun. The frustration with firing a 120 in someone's face from 4-6 nm and not hitting the target is a frustration I don't need. But it has already been talked into the ground. I just thought I'd answer the guy's question.
  2. I popped on HL last night to see 8 people flying. At the same time of night prior to the release of 1.1, I don't remember one single night that had so few flying. Perhaps other old-timers could post their memories of HL participation back when 1.02 was the current release. Since Ice has accused me of not posting the truth, maybe some other folks could refresh his memory.
  3. Flaming Cliffs introduces several serious problems that aren't present in 1.02. It also fixes some problems that are in 1.02. Personally, I prefer 1.02 and the online activity when 1.02 was the latest release was much stronger than after Flaming Cliffs was released. If you fly A2G, 1.12b is probably the better choice. For A2A, 1.02 is better.
  4. Howdy fellas. Don't mind me. I'm just posting to see what my warning level is up to now. ;-)
  5. No one had a ping over 400 in LOCERF 08-3 but there were a few over 400 in LOCERF 08-2. 08-2 was more stable. Go figure.
  6. The F-15 TEWS has the same limitation. Alexrey, if you hear a solid tone from the TEWS, you are locked. If you are only in the scan cone of another plane, you will hear a lazy "chirp". (one for each scan cone you are inside) If you are launched on, you hear an attention getting " beep beep beep...".
  7. Even IL2 is too complex for a console, so obviously it has been "dumbed down" quite a bit. And ED could do the same thing. I don't know if multi-millions of rubles in income would be considered going backwards.
  8. So you are saying that ED is doing no work toward a console release? Contracts outside the gaming industry explain delays but they may not fully explain the delays. Please don't take this as anything other than pointing out a realistic possibility. I do not have any real reason to think ED is going this direction but I also have no real reason to think they are not.
  9. http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/19288 Oleg's IL-2 on x-box. Although there is no evidence to support ED currently doing this, it would certainly explain the extensive delays.
  10. That would have a fairly sharp break upward going from lead to pure but if it stayed pure after that, the pivot downward should be gradual. It would make more sense to think of the opposite happening: The bandit turned ECM off and pusuit went from pure to lead. That would create a sharp down turn.
  11. Something occurred to me. This doesn't sound like HOJ pure pursuit at all. In pure pursuit, there would be no sharp turn at all.
  12. This would seem to make sense for a very tight turn but not a more gentle tracking turn. Granted, not all of the drag force is applied to the missile in the direction of the desired turn but it seems that at the speeds that missiles generally travel, a small deflection would create a strong pivot force. To the OP, LO's missiles need a lot of work. Many of us are frustrated by the types of things that you describe. An advantage in altitude of 10k feet should actually be an advantage.
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