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  1. Seems like we have a new control panel next to the NVG switch that neither the manual nor the change log mention a word. I wonder what that EVF (20 channels) thingy will serve for?
  2. Great news indeed, appreciated! Vive La Revolution!
  3. Speed+altitude=life The formula is particularly applicable for the Mirage online. Another option is to master the notching but the trouble is you can not apply offensive pressure on your own while notching and a fox 3 platform will have easy time closing on you. As someone posted above the key to proper multiplayer is in multiship cooperation i.e. having at least one wingman on comms. That unfortunately rarely happens. Most people think with their silly fox 3 seekers and it's mostly airquake what you can experience. TBH, nowadays I'm almost done flying online due to massive incompetence I witness most of the time. Single player campaigns are much more meaningful it seems. For now..
  4. You can survive and compete with the Mirage online. But you have to anticipate long fox3's and learn to notch in servers where they dominate. Speed and altitude are your best friends but make sure they are at the higher end at the same time. Being just high but slow isn't going to help much. Also, the 530 has an excellent behavior up high. The endurance is another strong side of our baguette so she's all there for you to enjoy online ;)
  5. Intensively maneuvering target is highly probable to break your lock. Even if the lock is maintained a very high G is able to trash the missile which turns as hell but basically into nowhere. Of course, the closer the target the harder it will be to break the lock. Also pulling proper lead prior firing is very important for maximum securing the track. Just make sure to chase the aiming dot to be within the big circle. Your flight profile is also of significant importance - both for offence and defense the Mirage enjoy speed and altitude altogether.
  6. About time :D If you guys wouldn't sign up for this then I don't know what might motivate you :thumbup: EDIT: I'm ready to switch in GCI role if someone can take my F-5 slot.
  7. Cold War setup on the Nevada map? Hurraaayyyy :clap:
  8. Unfortunately, due to internal reasons I have to withdraw RvE's application for this tourney. Is it going to happen btw? The deadline for signup was yesterday.
  9. RvE's application still remains. Would FC3 aircraft be allowed?
  10. Confirmed - emergency inverter switch On kills the ASP sight. Some refreshment is always useful. Thanks everyone :thumbup:
  11. Yes, I always turn on the generators after the engine stabilizes at idle. Will check the emergency inverter later. Haven't actually flown her for while and was kinda under the impression I'm missing something. Thanks anyway, will report if that was the case.
  12. Found nothing related either in the bug tracker or posted in the forums so far which surprised me pretty much. I'm not able to get the ASP to work during a cold start. The power switch has no effect and none of the controls nor indications are operational on the ASP. In mission with hot start either on the ramp or on the runway all works fine, the ASP operates normally and can be switched on/off via it's power switch and once on all controls/functions are available. First I thought that I'm probably missing a feature but found nothing related in recent change logs. The above behavior is observed in single player. In multiplayer I've checked only cold start as all servers offer such type of slots and the behavior is the same - the ASP can't be brought to life. It's like the power switch has no function in cold start. I didn't attach a track or mission because I think it's clear enough but if deemed necessary I can provide one.
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