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  1. Chucks @Charly_Owl guide was updated in January 29th .... only 4 months out of date but my go too. ALL OF CHUCKS MANUALS
  2. hi my button boxes randomly stop working and I need to press ESC/controls and 'rescan devices' to make them work again... any thoughts what could be causing this ? Thanks
  3. im having some strange behaviour on the autopilot... ALT/ATT works fine but the STRG/HDG does nothing..... anybody else seeing this ?
  4. Hi...hope everything is well with you.. You helped me once and shared your helios dcs f16 big mfd+ded profile once..:Do you still use Helios? As of latest open beta dcs patches i am getting lots of errors using helios...Do you still use it maybe and do you have any sort of fix for viewport errors (that me and other users are experiencing) upon launching HELIOS...

    1. Droning_On


      Hi,  funny you should message this.  I actualy was trying to get it to work myself.  The imbeded instruments work ok for me but the MFD's and the screen setup seems to have changed/broken since the last Beta.

      I beleive is somthing to do with the overall screen resolution and the Lua files that note the location of the MFD's DED, RWR etc.

      TBH I thought it was just me and I gave up hoping we would get an Helios update but I'll have a play about and see if I can work out whats happening on the Lua files.

  5. cheapest route is DIY but will still cost you plenty money. A few guys have done 3D printed pits but you obvioulsy still have costs for the printer/ plastic / switches /controllers etc. check out these threads for insperation... JSelf Viper1970 or check out my sig for a basic desk pit
  6. Wow looking good guys. The 3d Printing of letters has to be my fav part tbh. I get really good small txt prints with 3.5mm letter height. using 0.2mm layer height with 4 layers of white.
  7. this was my attempt using Captzeen profiles
  8. Probably have built some simple button boxes like the Virpil extension boxes lol ……. Tbh what I spent over the covid restrictions I could have probably bought a Warthog lol 3d printer appealed more and the basic t.flight aint all that bad if you have limited desk space….. due to the original design of the t.flight it landed itself great to this project. Other Hotas’s might have been more stand alone rather than and integrated deskpit. £60. T.flight Hotas4 £200. 3d printer (Technically a Christmas present, pre-covid so wasn’t really bought for this) £20. PLA plastic £30 switches £50 leobodar controllers. ——- £360 to date Probably need to spend another £150 on control cards and switches to get rhs button box and ICP working. And the rear screen is designed to house the thrustmaster cougar button so add another £90. then I need to sort out the hall sensors for the primary controls and the new boards to run them so add another £100 to the mix…… im sure someone said on here or other simpit forums once you start there is never an end …… damn they were correct forgot the iPad Pro 12.9 (running modified CaptZ profile) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (for Touch portal) and the 3d modelling software subscription (Shapr3D) Feck it’s getting silly. Lmao. Oh well it’s been fun anyway
  9. Damn Viper, your the King of 3D printed HOTAS's I was intending to build the Authentikit Spitfire Spade and trim wheels but youve given me the motivation to go finish my F-16C T-Flight mini deskpit Out of curiosity what control boards are you using ? im currently using a Micro-BBI in the throttle base for additional switches and a BBI-32 Button Box Interface ? im probably going to need 2 additional boards for the RHS button box and the ICP. so 5 USB devices !!! any thoughts on how I could streamline this. ?
  10. ffs I struggle to fly the Spit at low level on the channel map with my setup (24fps low level over Dover)... ED really needs to give us more options to allow us to use older hardware. based on current RRP's im simply NOT buying a new GPU... Im like you jross, all sliders are all low-medium but it still looks good for me and can give a great experience. with the GPU costs as they are i would happly reduce the visuals even FURTHER to give me a better/smoother flight/combat experience.
  11. does the FSR hack work on non VR game play ie a 1440p monitor, dont have VR and run a old GPU (rx570). If i could squeeze a few extra FPS out my card it would be great.
  12. Guys n gals Im running an old RX570 and have been waiting patiently on the GPU prices dropping before I jump at a new card, My current setup is 1440p monitor (75Mhz) with Low/high settings with MSAA and all other visuals off. on average (and if I stay away from the Channel or Island maps) im getting 30 - 50 fps which is ok I suppose for a rx570. I might dable in VR at some point with an Oculus Quest 2 but for now I like the 1440p monitor I was considering a RTX3060ti however prices are still up at £650 in the UK and I refuse to pay that for a £400 rrp card. However the RX6600xt is now availavble at a reasonable price (£420) ? does anyone have any experience with this card in DCS... is it worth it or should I sit tight ? I appriciate there is lots of AMD v Nvidia posts here but all are on 3080, 3090 or 6800xt etc which is not in my price range..... so please dont flame
  13. Watching this one with interest...... Im in the AMD 'Stream' just know and was considering going the other direction nice to have some choices for a change even if they are all over £1000
  14. Slightly off topic, but i was wondering if these shaders would help users (ie ME) with older GPU''s that somewhat struggle on FPS to squeeze a little more performace out the game "non-VR?"
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