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  1. Hard no on this one. Many 12+ hour shifts doing wing changes on these to know that 4/6 aren't wired for employment of those munitions. Also, JDAM's/WCMD's can be employed from 3/7. Source: I'm a loader, and have loaded plenty of them.
  2. Outstanding update gents! Many, many thanks to Heatblur; the Tomcat continues to impress each time we jump into the pit. Your work is definitely appreciated.
  3. I have this issue as well. No changes were made to any VR settings, or graphics card settings. Pilot seat locked in at 45, RIO seat down to ~23-26. On the plus side, the TID looks amazing, provided I don't move my head. Glad you guys are on it!
  4. I noticed this issue as well. Hopefully the HB team will find the root cause soon!
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