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  1. @BIGNEWY Is the CVN-74 deck crew in the screenshot a static object? Or are there plans to support Supercarrier DLC in the future?
  2. I look forward to the release of Apache. I am hoping to build a mission to fly Apache from LHA-1 Tarawa after its release. Just wondering, is it possible to align the EGI of the Apache on a ship underway?
  3. The visor function is very nice, but it doesn't seem to work very well in VR. Do you have any plans to optimize the visor for VR?
  4. I set my KC-135s to "Invisible" so that they would not be attacked by enemy aircraft, but they would be invisible not only to enemy eyes but also to friendly Link 16s. Of course, there is an AWACS in that airspace, and the other aircraft show up in the datalink, but not that tanker. To test this, I removed the "invisible" setting and the tanker shows up in the datalink. If I set an AWACS like the E-3A or E-2D to "invisible", it will still show up in the datalink, but the KC-135 will not. This is too much of an inconvenience.
  5. I have just noticed that there are no items in the Warehouse for AN/ASQ-213(HTS) and AN/ALQ-184(Long). I hope you can solve the problem in the Warehouse as soon as possible.
  6. GATE is a very good anime for me as a Japanese. I would be happy to help you if you have any Japanese related questions.
  7. One thing I would like to ask you is when did you start using the catchphrase "Phantom Forever (or Phorever)" as seen in the trailer video? In my country (Japan), the Air Self-Defense Force liked to paint that catchphrase on the aircraft when they retired the F-4.
  8. The choice of F-4E fits Iran in the Persian Gulf map and Israel in the Syrian map that exist in the current DCS. It was not only operated by the United States, the country that developed it, but also by many countries that imported it, hence it is certainly the most anticipated derivative. If I had to pick one, it would be the RF-4E. An aircraft capable of reconnaissance missions would be a great asset to the DCS.
  9. It is gratifying to me that you are interested in JASDF skins in Japan. I would be very grateful if you could recreate the appearance of the Last Phantom in Japan. JASDF is very fond of the phrase "Phantom Forever".
  10. It's great that the F-4E is being developed. If I may ask one thing, is it possible to implement an AI model of the Heat Blur F-4E as well as the A-6 ahead of time? If the model alone is implemented first, it would be a great motivator to see the aircraft parked on the ground. In my opinion, the prior implementation of the AI model is a good advertisement for DCS:F-4E.
  11. I urge you to challenge the reconnaissance phantoms.
  12. It is not in the distant future, but this year. Later this year, air combat on this server will become more exciting. In my country, the F-4EJ/EJ Kai was retired last March. I am sure I will be flying in my country's Liveries. My dream is expanding.
  13. The Blue side will enter a new era this year... PHANTOM FOREVER
  14. Legends Never Die - DCS: F-4E Announcement Trailer OMG, DREAMS COME TRUE...
  15. According to Google Maps, there is no berm here, but what looks like a bunker.
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