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  1. In 1080P resolution for DCS, 4X MSAA is not enough.
  2. MSAA 4X in 1080P is not enough, and I want the 8X MSAA come back. Thanks.
  3. So how to change the resolution of ground object shadows?
  4. You should turn off the SSLR, because it is a fps killer. Without the SSLR, you will get more 20~30fps. Also, the terrain object shadow default is a fps killer when you are above the forest and the buildings, setting it to flat will get much better performance.
  5. Do you use a SSD? SSD is important for DCS.
  6. Have you turned off the SSLR? It is a fps killer.
  7. Your CPU i5 7500 is too weak, DCS uses only one core for sim, 3.4GHz is too low, and that bottlenecks your performance. You just need to get a intel i5 9600KF and oc it to 5GHz+.
  8. I cannot understand its meaning and do not know if it can affect my air to air gun precision.
  9. The replay is not correct for almost all the time...
  10. https://www.iqiyi.com/lib/m_221506814.html They have also post this to another website.
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