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  1. But DCS F-15C doesn't have datalink, HSD, and extra pairs of eyes and hands sitting in the back. SA sometimes is more important than performance in BVR.
  2. Please read this You probably did it wrong like I did the first time using the software It should work like a charm. BTW, after calibration, AB detent should not only work for the F-16, but for other jets like F-18, F-14 as well. I don't really know how since these jets should have different AB detent postion IRL, but it just works, which is great.
  3. You have the Winwing F-16 throttle? You don't need to mess with the curve and all that complicated stuff in DCS then. Go into the Winwing software, there's a option to calibrate you AB position. Then just play the game and you will see your physical throttle match the in game throttle movement in your jet. You can just calibrate your AB position in SimAppPro, there's a option to do it. I think it was just moving your throttle to AB detend and click calibrate, that's it. Guys just look at this screenshot. It's the easiest thing to do... null
  4. Given the current state of the F-16, while the jet still has many features that remain incomplete, there are currently so many bugs and problems that are still not fixed or acknowledged by ED. I feel with the currently implemented features, F-16 can perform its roles quite well at AA, AG, SEAD, etc. I think it might be better for ED to shift a bit of their priority to bug fixing. The upcoming features like Sniper pod and CRUS pages would be nice to have but keeping introducing new features might add more bugs to the jet. I mean just take a look at the "Bugs" section, there are so many bugs already and more bugs just keep appearing after every update. Also, people are really trying to help ED by providing evidence that there are systems, functions, and performances that are wrong for the DCS F-16. So you just see more and more bugs appearing, like the wrong hold and release HOTAS logic, roll rate, drag, and AOA problems with the jet, just some examples.
  5. Yeah, the holding and release HOTAS logic is another problem awaits ED to resolve. IDK if they have acknowledged it as a bug or not tho. Cool, this might be the fastest workaround for this problem. Thx.
  6. Based on my experience in PvP severs, yes, distance matters, the closer F-16 will be prioritized. But if it's two different jets, like an F-16 and an F-14, the F-14 will be prioritized in most cases, even if it's TWSing (well, it doesn't have SAM lol) you from a further distance than the F-16, since F-14 has a really powerful radar. But if the F-16 gets really close, it might be prioritized over the really far TWSing F-14. Honestly, in a chaotic environment in PvP severs, the priority threat on the RWR changes constantly, relying on it solely is not a good idea. It's best to combine RWR with the information you see on the HSD as well as gameplay experience to determine threats and build a good SA. But still, priority threat on RWR is very useful if you combine it with datalink on HSD, it will give you a rough idea who might be SAMing or TWSing you and help you avoid those long range Fox 3 shots. For example, if you see a 14 spike as priority, and on HSD you see a hostile contact flying at 40k straight at you at 50 miles, and there are no friendlies between you and him, it's very likely he is trying to lob a long range AIM-54 shot at you. In that case, you probably want to turn to put him on beam and/or dive since flying high and facing a long range AIM-54 will only give you 3s to respond, which is not enough and you will mostly likely be dead if you do not react ahead before the missile goes pitbull.
  7. Below is for DCS not in real life scenarios: DTT in DCS will continue to scan and reveal additional contacts while tracking the two contacts you bugged. I mean it's a sub mode for SAM and SAM is meant to provide you with situational awareness while allowing you to track bugged contacts. In DCS, the tracking behavior of TWS is better than DTT. In TWS, the tracking is continuous which means target location is updated constantly without lag. Its ability to maintain lock is also equal as SAM/DTT. The downside of DTT in DCS is that the target location is not updated constantly but with lag between scans. You can literally witness the bugged contacts and TD box on your HUD/JHMCS jump since it takes time to update target location between scans. Sometimes, if you zoom in and have visual on the target, you can also see the TD box lagging behind the target before it jumps to the updated location. Because of this, I never wanted to use DTT over TWS. Unfortunately, ED broke TWS in the last two patches and have not fixed the bug yet so I have to use DTT for now. Still, the statement that DTT gives better track of each bugged target than TWS is not true based on my experience. Before they broke TWS, TWS provided me equal if not better track of bugged targets as DTT is doing now for me. But the constant track with no lag is why I prefer to use TWS in DCS.
  8. It does in DCS. When F-15, F-18, F-14, F-16 TWS you, you will see them as priority threat. It's pretty easy to tell in PvP severs, especially F-14. Ignore it? Long range AIM-54 in the face.
  9. This issue takes place both in SP and MP. If you are trying to a quick HOB shot with 9x, one quick workaround is pressing and holding cursor enable button to allow sidewinder seeker follow your JHMCS, turn your head and put the seeker diamond symbol on the target, when you hear the tone, uncage and fox 2. It's faster than a radar lock once you are familar with it. Keep in mind you have to keep holding the cursor enable switch until the 9x leaves the rail.
  10. Dude, this topic is about F-16 with stores in level flight or during a climb, not its dogfight performance as a clean jet... The exaggerated drag is literally confirmed by ED.
  11. Nope. The drag is over exaggerated.
  12. Simple answer: Nope. No lock warning when targets is bugged. No launch warning when you fire your 120. Just treat it like TWS on F-15. Edit: If the target is bugged, his RWR may (depends, there could be other jets or ground radar tracking him) mark you as priority threat since your radar is tracking him, like the following picture shows (diamond). But he will not get a lock warning tone like a STT lock. The priority threat behavior will also happen when you use TWS to track him on all western jets. So yeah, just treat F-16's SAM like TWS on F-15.
  13. This issue has been around for a long time. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/293830-network-hudhmcs-symbol-alignment-issue/
  14. What's the specific technique? Just lase it once or do we have to hold the trigger until bomb drop? If only once, for how long?
  15. Point track on TGP used by jets are amazing at tracking moving targets. The LMC on Apache is total trash. Even against a stationary target if you touch the cursor slightly it will start moving and manually correcting it is such a pain. Againt a moving target it's even worse. Right now I found it more effective just tracking targetes manually. I don't get the why the TADS does not come with point track. I literally want to bring a TGP with me and ditch the TADS.
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