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  1. Very Interesting. I checked the date again, the video was posted on YouTube in April 2019, which was even before the release of DCS Viper. So basically ED has no proof. Just a side note, it took us years to convince ED the FLCS and FM were wrong. And they moved this thread to Controller Questions and Bugs section so people can't see this...
  2. Well that's clearly not enough. So you guys just had T-day flew it, a former F-16 pilot indeed, but how the jet feels in the real cockpit is way different than how the jet "feel" in a desktop sim, unless you guys built a full motion sim for him to replicate the exact feel he had in the real jet, which I don't think you did. And, without researching FLCS documents, reaching out to multiple sources, and clearly ignoring real-life cockpit videos, you just jumped to the conclusion. I am sorry I just can't believe ED's thoughts on this is correct. If that's your apporach to this, anyone could have asked a real pilot and build a FLCS in any sim and say that's how the real F-16 handles.
  3. Now they are saying the roll inertia is correct....
  4. It's not about who is happy or not. It's about making the module as realistic as possible. As you can see by reading the previous posts in this thread, you guys have tested with the internal build and said there's no roll inertia and said "Just to be clear, there should not be any inertia." Now you guys are saying the current roll inertia is correct, which is very confusing. Regarding the interview, I apologize for calling the team lazy, but it just seems to me that by posting an youtube video (with only audio) is not a solid proof or an appropriate approach to show you have resolved the problem you have previously acknowledged. It's basically like: We saw the problem. But we had a former pilot flew it in DCS, now the problem is gone. Just to be clear, this thread was started way before the FLCS update when there was no roll inertia at all for the DCS Viper, which you marked it "correct-as-is." Now after the FLCS update, with heavy roll inertia introduced, you now are saying the roll inertia is correct? It feels like ED's position is basically: what we have in DCS is correct, and we are not just going to change it.
  5. It's an interview with audio only and over 1 hour long.... And, how he feels is not a valid scientific proof that the FLCS behavior/roll inertia is accurate. He could just be nice to you ED guys or not providing serious evaluation of the FM and FLCS for DCS Viper. First, you told us there shouldn't be any roll inertia, and told us you tested the tracks and observed the roll inertia we talked about. Now, are you telling us the roll inertia we have in our DCS Viper is correct? Please don't take the lazy route and make this problem go away...
  6. Just curious, if there's no switch in the cockpit, how does Thunderbirds pilots enable and disable smoke in real life?
  7. Thx. I see they are at least looking into this. Nineline is asking for a track. I will see if I have time to make one using my FSSB after I got back home from work today. BTW, just a side note, have you tried flying the Mirage 2000 with FSSB? I know it's a different jet and it doesn't even use force sensing stick IRL, but that jet just stops the roll so fast when you let go the stick. Mirage 2000 feels more like what Viper used to be before the FLCS update.
  8. I have FSSB R3L which is force sensing like the real Viper stick. I still feel VERY strong roll inertia after the FLCS update. Before the FLCS update, with my FSSB, the jet stop the roll immediately after I let go (putting the pressure off) of my stick.
  9. https://dcs.silver.ru/Diagram/Fa18c You mean this? This graph comparison is between DCS Hornet (lot 20) and the real Hornet (also lot 20) both carrying 2 AIM-9s on the wing tip and 2 AIM-120s on the fuselage. So no pylons or fuel tanks. null The STR of the real Hornet is claimed to be 19.2 degrees per second at sea level in the GAO document. The graph basically is comparing DCS Hornet STR with the STR suggested in the GAO document.
  10. Now after the FLCS update, the jet has too much roll inertia. So which is correct ED? The one before the one we have right now???
  11. Yeah, despite that, as you can see in the graph, DCS Hornet pulling 7.5 Gs still has about 1 degree/second higher STR than the STR listed in that document.
  12. Here you go: https://dcs.silver.ru/Diagram/Fa18c https://dcs.silver.ru/Diagram/Fa18c_2 But keep in mind this is the F-16 section, from my past experiences of dealing with ED's forum moderators, I don't think ED will allow us discuss Hornet's FM and performance here. So I'm not going to comment on the Hornet's FM or performance. So just sharing some info with you. ED also said they are going to revisit Hornet's FM after they are done with the Viper's, so I think we should wait until they are done, but regarding the its current performance, how PvP BFM between Viper and Hornet goes down on dogfight servers, and etc., it is what it is for now.
  13. I have also heard on f-16.net that 120 on the outboard stations and aim9s on the inboard stations gives the jet lower drag index thus more aerodynamically efficient.
  14. Totally true. They also bring ECM pods (the long one we have in the game) as a routine. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40242/japan-based-usaf-f-16s-flew-south-china-sea-mission-fully-loaded-with-live-air-to-air-missiles "Each jet was armed with five beyond-visual-range AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles and a single short-range AIM-9 Sidewinder" "Under the belly, each aircraft was fitted with an AN/ALQ-184 electronic countermeasures self-protection pod." Btw, we also have the exact same livery you see in this article for our Viper in DCS. I do have a question tho. The pic shows the Viper also brings HTS pod (the article mentioned this as well) even when they are doing CAP missions. Why do they bring HTS? What's the tactical advantage of bringing it since they won't be firing any HARMS?
  15. Problem is Hornet bleeds energy slower and gains energy faster than the Viper in the vertical and horizontal turns. The only advantage Viper has over the Hornet is the acceleration in a straight line. One thing Viper could try is gaining a lot of speed and seperation and take the Hornet into a zoom climb and pray the Hornet stalls before you do.
  16. LOL. I don't need to run any test. Unlike you, I fly enough BFM on PvP dogfight servers to know what going on with both jets. Again, like I told you, keep believing whatever you want mate. Have a nice day
  17. Yeah, pretty much just doule standards. I mean if someone argues that paddle is not realistic, why turn off G effect and make F-16 pull 9Gs forever during tests? I know DCS G effect is a little exaggerated, but realistically 9Gs forever is just impossible for any human to achieve.
  18. Your test proves nothing. There are so many thing wrong with your test but I am just going to point out the obvious in the Viper. Your Viper started in 492 knots and ended with about 420 knots IAS. At the end of your turn your G was 8.8. Viper on the deck with 60% internal fuel at 420 knots simply cannot sustain 8.8 Gs, combined with the speed loss from the beginning to the end, I can tell you you were not even doing sustained turns, you were trading your energy for instantaneous turn rate...
  19. His videos are good entertainment but hardly proves anything at all. First, he turns off G effect which means he can do 500 knots and pull 9Gs forever. Second, you never know the skill of the pilot he was fighting against, the fuel state of each aircraft, etc. Third, as you can see in all of his videos, he wins almost all the fights, his fights could be totally scripted to make himself look good or for the sake of proving his point or whatever. Honestly, the watching how that Hornet flies in his video, I can tell you that Hornet pilot does not know how to use the 2C capability of the jet and made many mistakes. GS is probabaly a decent dogfigther and his videos are great for beginners but provides nothing truly valuable for experienced PvP BFM players. So don't take him too seriously. The best thing you could do is go to a pvp dogfight sever and fight different players and different airframes or you can also spectate and watch how they fly in F2 when you find you are struggling to beat any one of them.
  20. Thx Flappie. Glad my comment helped
  21. It's not old or wrong. I grabbed it from dcs.silver.ru yesterday. The tests are just done at 1000 meters. Your graph, while both jets are at sea level, the Hornet is carrying 4 missiles but the Viper is clean, and it still outperforms the Viper. There's not test done for the Hornet without the missiles on that website, but imagine what a clean Hornet can do, which is exatcly what my graphs shown.
  22. Leader board proves nothing. It just says the total kills of that player in the server, regardless of what type of jet he or she is currently flying. The player at top COULD have scored all the kills with Hornets but is just not flying the Hornet right now... AND, like I and many others told you many times, paddle doesn't matter. Viper still loses 2 circle fights to a Hornet not pulling the paddle and respecting the realistic G limit. I'm just going to try one last time: As shown in the graph below, DCS Viper (with its newest FM and FLCS update) rating at its optimal rate speed around 440 knots will only get you 18.8 degrees/second at 1000 meters. DCS Hornet just have to fly 330 knots pulling less than 6 Gs to get the same rate speed at the same altitude. You don't have to trust this test. I don't care. But my experience of pvp dogfighting in both jets proves the same.
  23. I know because I can outrate Vipers with a Hornet without even pulling more than 7.5 Gs. Anyways, ED said they are going to revisiting Hornet's FM and FLCS after they are done with Viper's. Just wait for ED to finish their work and we can test and discuss this again.
  24. Hi Stackhouse, Viper here from mobetta's sever I have R3L too, and I am not stupid enough to go 1 circle against a Hornet. Please don't assume how I fly or my BFM skill. Thx
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