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  1. Well I for one can't figure out a way (no pun intended) to make it work, I have asked around some Hind fliers and we couldn't find a solution... The Hind doesn't really have a coordinate system that we can reliably program. At most, it's navigation system would work like the F10 map with user placed markers...
  2. @BIGNEWYI may be wrong, but this request looks a bit more like a bug report than a wishlist item. To point to what others have said, the ACM ellipse should follow the actual FCR LOS (which in turn tries to follow the HMCS aiming cross), and when the FCR exceeds it's gimbal limits, the ellipse should become display limited and crossed out with an X. All the needed information is detailed in the MLU M3 manual, pages 76 to 78. It would be fantastic if the dev team would find the time to look over these details, if possible.
  3. I am sure the devs are at work figuring the symbology out, it can get confusing. MLU M3 manual page 151 details the symbology for correlated targets between the FCR and Link 16. Currently it seems that the FCR only shows the unknown symbology once the target is bugged, and not the identity correlated from Link 16. It does however show the correlated identity correctly prior to bugging, and on the HSD.
  4. Appreciate the time. In that case, we are looking forward to what the Sniper pod can do in the future.
  5. No, I don't think there is a way to make it work with the Hind.
  6. The supporting evidence for these features is documented in the MLU M2 manual, starting with page 45. If @BIGNEWYfinds the time to forward the information to the dev team, it would be of great service to the Viper enthusiasts. While the manual uses the LANTIRN pod as an example, it also specifies that the features can be used with a different model of a targeting pod, only subtle differences may exist (not the whole removal of 5 major air to air features for sure).
  7. While these features have been highly requested, I am unsure I have the time available to develop them currently, as it will require a major GUI rewrite, possibly in another programming language.
  8. I remember making a thread about this behavior when it launched, it got marked as correct-as-is:
  9. The video speaks about the dashed Target Locator Line as well, which is quite a significant feature to be implemented. Since it's very similar to the FCR target locator line, it should be relatively easy to implement.
  10. I think I know what's wrong, you have something typed into the keyboard already, make sure that the cursor is not blinking prior to entering the waypoints. If it still doesn't work, PM me on the forums.
  11. Hello, could you show me a video of when it doesn't work? Also keep in mind if the framerate is very high, above 140 fps, issues might arise.
  12. Try changing the windows main screen to the dcs used one, or launching the app from the screen you use dcs on.
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