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  1. Always has been one of my favourite planes the Viggen. It was my very 1st Airfix Model as a kid.
  2. I prefer the layout here. I do sometimes go over to UBI if I am looking for somthing in particular that I remember being on the UBI forums, but otherwise I look here for all info regarding lockon especially FC 1.1
  3. Re: OK - MY thoughts on the v1.1 Copy Protection To SOME people the difference between feeding there family or not. Not everyone has the resources to to spend $35 as & when they want to. There are alot of people that have skrimped & scraped for a long time & gone without some essentials to upgrade or buy a PC & then to find that they MAY (note I said may not WILL) have to pay out again for a product that they already own is totally UNACCEPTABLE.
  4. Surely one of the MAJOR issues here is that ED have installed software on ypur PERSONAL property without your permission. That doesn't sound very legal to me. Thankfully I had to hold off installing the demo & after reading all this I am very glad that I did.
  5. I'm with you Moose I only have Mastercard. By the way I won't use Paypal as I don't trust them. Got stung once by them I'm not getting stung a second time, it hurts too much. Forgot to say D/L is fine by me.
  6. Great to see your site back. Perhaps you can take over where Biohaz has left off
  7. Outstanding! Thanks for that bud. Settled. :) That sounds pretty conclusive to me subject closed. :wink:
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