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  1. and if size does not matter to you :) , you should consider rendering uncompress... (you can break the 2Go limit by rendering bmp image sequences)
  2. Well... we're leaving to nyc tomorrow morning... results on saturday evenning (nyc time)
  3. as a matter of fact, we did see it (kik and I at least) but no sounds from it... they're all from my personnal vault...
  4. humm...too mutch motion blur to be true.... well... the time it took us for B&J : EpII... can't be true... mmm...? c'mon guys... tell me it can't be....
  5. Well.... it's not that beautifull.... (you know, hollywood... mostly make up) 8) but anyway, it might be available - along with the really beautifull A10 skins - on our page in (at least) two more weeks... ;)
  6. at least two other Kubrick's references can be found... ;) it's really nice to see people enjoying all the littles details...
  7. and finaly... magic by kik : with new sky, depth of field, heat blur, and new HUD for bill.
  8. it's a 3D FX... done by kik here an exemple seq05 / shot09 : we render the shot 5 times, bill, bill in a red skin, same for john, and then, empty (3d models removed) the red shots are used to create the masks in combustion.
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