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  1. Thanks! I felt that all the Crew should have had their recognition!
  2. I don't know what you did with the latest update but it seems to have fixed the problem! #ThankYou
  3. Yeah, I'd already verified the files the other day. still no joy
  4. Thanks for the clarification on that!
  5. dcs.log I removed the Mod & the lua (as per above), ran DCS and it still crashed (see new log) I also clicked on the link you provided to the faq and ran into a problem (related or not I have no idea) In the faq it states that I locate the bin folder within DCS world which I did (I feel that at this point I should point out that I am using the Steam version of DCS....just in case that is a factor....apologies if I should have mentioned this before) I ran the Powershell as instructed, typed in the cmd .\DCS_updater.exe cleanup and I got this error:
  6. Still crashing upon mission start. Here's the log: dcs.log
  7. I did a Verify Integrity of Game Files and that seems to have fixed the problem!
  8. Yeah, sorry. Just was adding that one when you sent reply lol
  9. I hope these are the right ones dcs.20210427-191022.crash dcs.20210427-191022.dmp dcs.log
  10. Since the release of 2.7 I have been having problems with the screen suddenly turning black for no apparent reason (see attached video) I have tested with a few different cloud settings and all have caused the same problem. When I turned off the clouds there were zero problems.
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