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  1. The wait has been well worth it. I want to reward the team and buy the module as soon as it is available. I started back with DCS using the excellent free MOD MB339. My thanks to the team will be this purchase $$$ : )
  2. Enjoy the great update to Caucasus. If you have not already tried this you can also check out ReShade https://reshade.me/ YouTube Video showing how to Make DCS Look Grate using ReShade
  3. Wonderful.... And I just noticed the new Wallpaper! lol.
  4. VNAO T-45C Goshawk that was recently a few months ago..
  5. I have DCS UFC.. It does have T45C-GOSHAWK UFC Listed.. Enjoy!
  6. Well Said! I would like to add: DCS Module-Whisperer!
  7. I think I had the same problem back when I ran DCS using an ID that did not have Admin Privilege. With my new computer I run my userID as Admin access all the time because nothing in this world makes sense anymore thanks to the "NEW ABNORMAL" . Suggestion # 1: Did you also try in \bin Security tab: Advanced >> Select box for Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries form this object? Suggestion # 2: Select Allow for: Modify, Read & execute, Write Suggestion #2 Worst case: set bin security to Full control and in Advanced Select box for Replace all child object permission.......
  8. I switch recently to Open Mod Manager s well. You can't go wrong with Open Mod Manager.. Modmanfx64 looks cool and flexible too
  9. @JoghurtThanks for the info the workaround your described works great! For those who do not want to edit their SimShaker.lua.. Another workaround that I am sure has already been mentioned would be to do the following: Start SimShaker >> Start DCS World >> Load and Fly the Mi-8 in any mission >> Finally Select and fly the UH-60L >> Have Fun!
  10. My Old System board died a a few months after my post. I ended up finally upgrading to a new computer and fresh Windows 10 install... I am sure you probably already tried some of the following: Try simplifying your system as much as possible - Drivers, programs running, Hardware etc.. see if problem changes Try to change order of lines in your Export.lua If you have a spare SSD, try a fresh windows 10 install and if necessary fresh DCS to see if you the performance problem is repeated. Good luck.. I wish I had a better suggestions.. cheers...
  11. Reshade Settings: Only using [SMAA.fx] shader set at defaults from install F-86F - Cold Start - Caucasus | NO AA | F1 Cockpit view | 97 FPS | | MSAA 2X | F1 Cockpit view | 80 FPS | | SMAA.fx | F1 Cockpit view | 93 FPS |
  12. Link in the first post worked for me as a test.. Are you sure your browser is OK? The Dropbox link in the post above yours from @petsild on Aug 17, 2021 - also worked.
  13. Yes indeed.. BK is good for GUNS, Airbrake and Flaps Too!! I also appreciate it for other simulations like when Shifting Gears..... Having the BK gives the Jetseat more of a chance to focus on finer feedback. If I had to pick one I would take the JetSeat.... But Fun to have both!
  14. The Jetseat has been a great investment. I bought a ButtKicker a few months after the Jetseat but in reality the Jetseat provides for 90% of what I feel I really need. Great Product!
  15. The 8500 ED Miles should be equivalent to $8.50 USD if I go by the this Link: ED Miles Terms and Conditions: 1000 ED Miles = 1 US dollar. I have been a Fan of the MB-339 since I started up again with DCS World in 2019. At this point I will be using the ED Miles to buy the MB-339. Have a great weekend ED.
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