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  1. The top one is one beautiful photo! Where you get it from, please? Do you have more like that one?
  2. I' talking about hte ARC, not the radio navigation... The one on the right side wiht the 4 main sectionas and subsections, if it make sense...
  3. Hello guys, With the new map, is there a plan to make navigation tunable? The ARC selector at the moment it is fixed for caucassus map, but since the airframe it self was experted to lots of countries around the world I'm sure it can use it navigation esewere as well... Do you plan something like "swapable" package in ME for different maps or something similar? Thank you.
  4. Actually they did, the technology back then was what it was... The airframes did not had comupters back then, well not the way we understand what a computer is these days, anyway
  5. Yap, I was talking about all Russin airframes... Specially the MiG-19 and MiG-21. The R60 was basically Russian Sidewinder until replaced by R73's, so all airframes of that era were using it. None of them in the DCS have the "gyro spin up" or cool down (call it what ever) modeled in, so I was under impression that they all use the same "game object model". If they update it, will it update for all airframes, or do all of them use its own thing, if it make sense?
  6. Hello, not sure where I should ask this so I'm going to write it here. I just watched video about adding A2A missiles to the Hind which is fantastic, but I watched it with horror in my eyes anyway... The behavior of the missiles described there is quite different for behavior of the R60 we already have. It does not have cool down / warm up (or how do you want to call it) periods on other planes, also I do not believe the seeker gimbals at all. So what is going on? Those are different missiles? Or are they going to upgrade the behavior everywhere? Do anybody knows? Than you.
  7. I noticed that in the night some light sources flickers quite weirdly... It seems that only flood lights, like the night laps on airports, or any light which is illuminating area on terrain flickers in VR... The point lights, like the one on runways are looks fine...
  8. Hello SkateZilla, I hapen to noticed, that you did not update your app lately... Is there someting we can help you with, by any chance? Thank you...
  9. Yea, unfortunatelly the Ka-50 and Ka-52 are completyl different ships... Ka-50 was attempt for revolution with heavely automated and computerized ship, so it can be piloted by sigle person, but it did not worked well in fact... only like 30 or so were build... Ka-52 was redesign to be 2 seater with "back to the roots" approach, were lots of automatization attempts were removed... I found that the option 6 is actaully for FAB-100 bombs... Not sure how much FABs were used in real life from helos, I do not believe much, but it was designed as to able to use them for some reason... The 3rd set of hardpoints should be as far as I can tell only for A-A missiles... The original model have them, just when ED was making the model, they removed them for some reason, (politics maybe?) and now they are going to add them back as they were on the real thing...
  10. NEW HOPE: The option 3 is talking about S-24 rockets, which we do not have and none of the sources talk about option 6! So definitely maybe...
  11. Oki, that aswer the qeustion about the knob. Thank you. But what about additional weapons? Do you think or was something annouced, that we can get more, by any chacne? So far I know only that they finish the A-A...
  12. Well, you probably did not read it fully... Yes I know it works, I red the manual. I'm asking for not used positions (from 6 to 10) and if we going to get any more weapons to choose from... Thank you.
  13. Hi Guys, I cannot help my self, but ask, are there going to be any new/aditional weapons/weapons systems be present in comparions to BS2? And I'm not talking only about the AA... There are hints in the BS2 manual for example that it should be possible to fire S-24 rockets. And there are 5 aditional positions on that selector switch which are not covered in the manual. So is there something missing? To me it looks like it should be able to handle at last gunpods like the Hind, right? Thank you.
  14. Well, that was exactly what I was thinking... Because we also need to deal with different time eras and different countries... Not all countries follow the same logic/offsets for the beacons... So, to preset frequencies is maybe not so realistic as we would like, but it is much more usefull gamewise as what we have... If it make sense...
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