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  1. DCS HUEY is the new Benchmark for Helisimulation. The FM is amazing. Until the Huey release DODOSIM was the reference for me (Flightmodell) . But not anymore. The king's death, long live the king.I´m very happy with that. Yesterday i made my first testflights and i don´t get the grin off my face (frozen mode) . And it is only beta ! It will be a masterpiece when it is finished.
  2. Bad , bad News ! I met him and spoke him , years ago. It was at a LLTM session with a BS Presentation I have pleasant memories of this brief Meeting. RIP
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NvgLkuEtkA
  4. I think it could be an optical illusion because of the light on the crew figures if something is bright, it appears larger than when something is dark
  5. yep not my life is to short for arcade ;)
  6. a great patch ! good work ! Thank you ED !
  7. My Thrustmaster Warthog is completely dead since yesterday. :( so my a10 is groundet ;) I sent an email to TM and wait for answer. @ Flamin_Squirrel: Was your Throttle completely dead, i mean, nothing to see in windows hardware manager ? If so ... In what way could the problem be solved?
  8. Weeks ago , i voted Win Xp 32. Now , i chanched to Windows 7 64 and i am very happy with this decision. Together witch some hardware- change (SSD , more RAM and overcklocking), everything is running properly.
  9. i thought the same but i think , the details were made in our fantasy ;) flightsimmer since ... i can not remember ;) it was on a PC 286er , monochrome display ... ms-dos ...
  10. I have a question on the subject "NDB" with the ADF (ARK-22) one can put predefined canals. How is it possible, however, to put also any frequency without changing the canal allocations ? Furthermore I have in the "Beacon.lua" a huge number of "NDB" - to transmitters found. like this: beacons[64]={} beacons[64]["name"]="Агой" beacons[64]["callsign"]="АГ" beacons[64]["type"]=BEACON_HOMER beacons[64]["position"]={} beacons[64]["position"]["latitude"]=44.1333333333333 beacons[64]["position"]["longitude"]=39.0344444444444 beacons[64]["position"]["course"]=0 beacons[64]["frequency"]=381000.0 Unfortunately, the markings are shown in Cyrillic letter (Агой and АГ ). Is there a list of the "NDB" - transmitter, available all together ? I would like to see how entire the BS- map is.
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