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  1. I got the forced Quest 2 ver38 update, and now my link cable/airlink ability is completely gone.. I select the option to use link cable (or airlink, doesn't matter), I get the black screen and three white dots as it used to to while loading my PC's desktop, then it dumps me back into home. Nothing I've done has fixed this.. Reinstall Oculus home, multiple restarts, that crappy automated Oculus help chat, swapped cables.. Nothing.. So obviously no ability to get into and do any flying with DCS as I can't get to virtual desktop anymore. I'm not running anything through steam. Anyone else have this issue? Ran absolutely perfect the day before the update. pissing me off... *** edit. Fixed. reinstalled PC app again (three times), but then lost audio for the headset. Used the OculusCodec.exe or something like that in the diagnosis folder and sorted that out. Never had an issue with their updates before, weird..
  2. It’s happens to me too. On Syria map, no mods, in VR, start in the Hornet with 45 FPS, switch slot to Viper, FPS down to 24ish, then switch to anything else, FPS tanks to about 8. Sometimes exiting that mission and loading up something in the Caucasus brings it back, but more often than not, have to fully exit the game and get back in.
  3. Thanks, but as soon as I change any field, I get field errors. using it with MS Excel. Changed the temp to 25 in this instance..
  4. OK, so finally figured out the combination to defeat the night issues since last OB update, this mod and Kegetys. Install went fine, can open using LSHFT+F7, cycle all the menus and save/close.. But I don't see any change in game .. Been trying out using the AV-8B and F18 specifically. The AV-8B NVG are now the single monocle, so I guess that is a change, but I can't adjust size, convergence or anything, and no other menu seems to affect anything in game.. No other effects are seen either when adjusting any of the menu's. All options in settings are as required per install instructions, and flying VR exclusively. Using Kegetys Clear water and your newest file. Am I missing something?
  5. I'm getting errors now too with the hotfix on the new build. Install was de-modded, cleaned, slow repaired and now I'm getting this. Loads just fine without VR Shaders installed via OvGME. Really too bad as this mod was what brought me back into flying after a couple year absence..
  6. Sorry, should have mentioned. Yes, I have done that already. GPU drivers are 471.11, installed via DDU in safe mode. I’m going to remove the Hind from my products and see if it changes anything with Syria. EDIT** So brain farted.. I didn't rename/delete my saved games folder as one of the potential fixes. Did that and added my Input folder back in and everything is buttery smooth again. I reinstalled the Hind as well. Still a few instances of tearing with the Hind, but for the most part I would say 95% better. I'll chalk that up to a WIP module. Zero issues with any other aircraft. So what ever was the issue, seems to have been dealt with. Thanks for your initial investigations.
  7. Regardless of how the above is set up (had some issues swapping SSD's over to new computer), this had never affected DCS or any other games/programs before the Cyprus update or Hind release.
  8. Here you go.. AllocatedBaseSize=32768 CurrentUsage=0 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20210331221535.490123-240 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=1 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE My W10 is on C (SSD), D is random programs (HDD), E is other games (SSD), and F is my dedicated DCS drive..
  9. Just going to report this lol.. Went to land on a cliff with a Gazelle and right through. Then fly through it in a Hornet to verify.. Kept on going.
  10. Carried from another thread. Since updating (now 2.7.3) Syria has been almost unplayable with the Hind with heavy stuttering and tearing. With other aircraft (tried all the modules I own) it is very much reduced, but still happens every so often. With other maps, everything is perfect with a solid 36 FPS per eye with my Quest 2 set at 72Hz (2070 Super) with any aircraft, including the Hind. I've done everything as suggested in other threads (pagefile, FXO/metashaders2, xBox DVR etc..) I was having sound stutters too, but did a factory reset on my headset and that solved those, but unfortunately not the tearing. I had zero issues before the last update (Cyprus release) and 2.7.3 today. Running resource manager shows nothing that I can see out of the ordinary.. Any ideas? Syria.miz dcs.log DxDiag.txt
  11. I checked out my DCS log and had lots of errors regarding the shader folder folder from what I can assume is remnants from the VR Shader mod. Deleted the shaders folder, FXO and metashaders2, then rebuilt the install. Gonna fire up and see how things work now before posting logs.
  12. I’m experiencing it too.. I’ll attach logs files tomorrow after work to this post.
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