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  1. Speaking of cruel call-signs, I took some pics for a Navy Legacy Hornet driver a few years ago w/ last name 'Pack'.... his call-sign? 'Piddle'....for 'Piddle Pack'
  2. Literally....the only time the conformals come off the Strike is for maintenance purposes. Even the official USAF Strike Eagle Demo performances were done with CFT's installed. No reason to make them removable. Date of photo: 24 May 2008
  3. +1 on the Sunday Supplement! Thanks for sharing that!
  4. I'm more of a modern jet guy and even I'm looking forward to seeing the Corsair..
  5. Any updates to this? I just switched phones and lost the files, so I had to come back and re-download... Thought maybe I would ask and see if any chance we could get an update? I also prefer the 'Master Caution'~ "Deedle-Deedle" as a stand alone as well if possible. Using an Android OS, Im unable to find a way to trim down the audio to just that. Update: I was able to find the 'Deedle-Deedle' as a stand alone. What would be cool is to have the Viper stuff available as well!
  6. I think it should be optional... just like the IFLOLS overlay. I'm currently playing on a 1040p 42in flat screen, with a 900 series GPU...(!!) For a point of reference, I'm still learning the switchology of the F-14 and because of the text on the side panels, (and this is absolutely NOT a complaint! ) I cant even find what I need without zooming in when IMC or at night. Alternatively though, I have opted to not use labels when going into the merge, so that when I do upgrade to VR, I'm hoping that eyeballing the badguy will be so much easier..
  7. A Strike Eagle driver once told me....and I'm paraphrasing here because its been several years since the conversation and pre-F-15EX announcement, but his take was that with current tactics considered, as well as the capabilities of the F-22/F-35, that if it ever came to the point of being in a Strike Eagle and going into the merge against a lethal air-to-air adversary...catastrophic failures have occurred at so many levels, that its almost inconceivable. In my 35 years of studying military aviation subjects, and 7 years as an aviation photographer, and living next one of the largest bases in the United States, I've seen exactly one clean Strike Eagle. They were inbound from Nellis, dropped into TIK for fuel, and were heading out to Robins AFB to go into Depot level MX. Removable conformals in DCS, would be completely unrealistic in my opinion....which then makes me question the whole point of DCS.
  8. I'm actually stunned... Just... well.... WOW... I never had the opportunity to meet him, but over the last 35 years, I have read countless books, magazine articles, and watched numerous aviation documentaries that either were exclusively about him, or mentioned his exploits. Now....NOT hearing about him...will be strange... Man...this sucks.
  9. Thought I would share some of my Viper shots that I have accumulated over the years.... Here's TRIBE 11 and 12, a pair of Blk42 Vipers from the 138th Fighter Wing, Oklahoma Air National Guard, captured while recovering back to Tulsa International at the conclusion of an afternoon training sortie.
  10. Much thanks for all your time and talent N22YF! Much appreciated!
  11. I laughed my arse off... LOL
  12. Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy good reads from a 'in the cockpit' perspective. Cheers!
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