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  1. Been a couple weeks, still available. So, time to have a 'sale' Reduced asking price by $50. Still haven't had an opportunity to take the unit apart for pictures, but I do still plan to do so, and will make a point for anyone with interest (PM me). Thanks
  2. I have a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and GPU I'm interested in selling. This would be a perfect 'upgrade kit' for someone who has a system that's a little 'long in the tooth', but has a good chassis they like and a decent PSU, maybe a few drives to re-use as well. First, about me (I like to know who I'm dealing with, and I feel that most people do): I do quite a bit of testing related to gaming PCs, which in turn I build, more or less as a somewhat/partially compensated hobby. Selling stuff I've usually had awhile and tested with already helps to pay for my endless interest in new technologies/hardware to test. I have done work for other simmers at DCS/EDForum and on SimHQ, ranging from basic upgrade consultation to full system builds. Sometimes I have used parts to sell, sometimes I will offer new parts, and sometimes I only provide advice/input for a build without providing any parts. I can gladly provide references to anyone interested. I have been involved professionally in computer systems maintenance for over 40 years, including formal military training on US Navy avionics and flight simulators. I'm semi-retired; my last 'real' job was as a national service manager for a Fortune 500 company. I am currently interesting in selling hardware as follows: Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H Supports all current AMD Zen3 CPUs (Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and 9) including 105W "X" models and integrated "G" models. I bought this unit retail myself in May 2020, and since then it's never been used other than for limited testing in my shop; not even used yet as a 'daily driver'. Never exposed to smoking or pets. MicroATX, so it will fit in cases other than only full or mid-towers. You can use a fairly small case, provided it's adequately ventilated. Fitted with the 5600G CPU, this motherboard supports on-board graphics (DVI-D and HDMI 2.0) - so it doesn't impact your primary gaming GPU if you want to use additional monitor(s). CPU: AMD Ryzen5-5600G 6-core 3.9/4.4GHz I bought this CPU new/retail in November 2021; I am the first and only owner. It has been used strictly in my shop environment for testing, and never overclocked (beyond AMD "Precision Boost Overdrive" auto BIOS settings). It's been used exclusively in this build, for routine testing only, since first installed after purchase. Memory: 64G (4x16G) G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 Two 32G kits/two modules each. These are the highly valued CAS16 modules (16-19-19-39; Hynix dual-rank) which represent the 'sweet spot' in absolute latency (8.88ns) ideal for the AMD Zen3 CPUs. I purchased these two kits retail, first hand, in April. Passed MemTest8 as a kit in this exact build, immediately following purchase. Since then they've been used exclusively in my shop for testing. GPU: XFX SPEEDSTER QICK 319 RX 6700XT (12GB GDDR6) This GPU was acquired from a trusted source; it has never been overclocked nor mined with. It has been used in a smoke-free environment, and has no unusual/foul odors whatsoever. Professionally cleaned and inspected, and stress tested with Asus RealBench, UL 3DMark FireStrike/TimeSpy, as well as run extensive benchmarks/performance testing in Red Dead Redemption 2, and DCS. It has passed all tests perfectly and showed no anomalies of any kind. Reasonable power requirements so a decent PSU is adequate (manufacturer recommends 650W minimum/ requires 2x8p PCIe connectors; optionally, I can provide/recommend a very good PSU if needed). This setup scored 27% higher than an overclocked i7-7700k with a 1080Ti GPU in FireStrike. It also outscored an i7-9900k with a 2080Super by 6%. These were tests I performed first-hand, right here in my shop. Some other test results are below: DCS (TF51, Fast Mission, free/Caucasus map, mirrors on, clear/cloudy, High graphics preset/16xMSAA): 75-115 FPS at 1080p (typically 90-100 when DCS 'settles down') ~40 at 4k (35-45) 75-85 at 4k using 1080 RSR* 55-65 at 4k using 1440 RSR* Read Dead Redemption 2 I use this as a test because it has a built-in benchmark and is a fairly current, demanding title. (Custom/Ultra) settings as shown here: 1080p 4k 4k @ 1080 RSR* 4k @ 1440 RSR* All the tests above appear exceptionally smooth using an Acer 4k 120Hz Freesync monitor, even at lower 4k frame rates. *RSR is Radeon Super Resolution, a new mode for intelligent upscaling enabled in recent drivers. Allows ~50-100% frame rate increase on high-resolution monitors, while maintaining high-quality graphics appearance. Best part is that, since it's done in the AMD driver, it's compatible with almost any game (unlike Nvidia DLSS, which must be incorporated per title by the developer). I've been testing RSR for a little while now and I've been extremely impressed at the difference it makes. It provides huge frame rate increases and I have a very difficult time seeing any quality difference in the tests I've done as above, even when using 1080>4k Pricing: Recent research online puts this hardware at about $1180 retail, depending on where you look and taxes, as well as whether there's any shipping. Sales or promotions might make a difference as well. I'm asking $1100 $1035 985*, plus shipping (US lower 48 only please). Although I am aware this isn't a lot less than retail, it's still 10-15% less. You have to consider this is all excellent/new condition, current hardware (and it's a very capable system, at that). I do realize some of these components will no longer be under factory warranty - however, everything has been extensively tested as a set. Also, you can ask anyone I've worked with, I stand behind what I sell. Everything is warrantied for (at least) a full year from delivery. Most of the people I've worked with will tell you that I am always willing to help with any problems, regardless of what was bought, or when. A good amount of the work I do is for 'repeat customers'. I am willing to consider reasonable offers. I'd rather take (a little) loss than take a zero PayPal is fine, but should be done so that I actually net whatever price we agree on (i.e. you cover any fees that PayPal assesses your payment type). I have the setup assembled currently, but I plan to disassemble it so I can post some pics here. Please PM me with any questions or offers - thanks, and have a great day. *Updated retail pricing. Lowered asking price.
  3. Thank you for the mention; I am happy to be of help. Looking forward to seeing how the new setup does for you
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