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  1. Something that is being missed here is ED's atmosphere model is completely broken. No one is posting the air pressure or temperature settings for their testings. That matters. And in DCS it *really* matters because the effect on density of temperature in particular is insane. Additionally, the air pressure calculations are so wrong as to be laughable. ED admitted this was done to compress the battlespace and force aircraft to be in closer proximity than they would in the real world. Even though they have walked back similar changes (notably missiles) they have not fixed the atmosphere. Firing missiles at 40,000' is akin to 60-70k' IRL. Firing missiles at sea level is like firing a missile through sludge. Temperature is even worse, with very cold temperatures causing conditions similar to flying through water and very hot temperatures making flight almost impossible. I honestly don't know what comparing a real life missile or real life testing is going to do for anyone when the atmosphere we fire our digital missiles through bears no resemblance to real life.
  2. What exactly is your MP testing methodology? Most of the MP bugs that don't appear in SP don't manifest until there are 30+ clients. Also most seem multicrew related and need a human pilot and RIO to reproduce.
  3. For squadrons that operate the same aircraft BuNos mission to mission, it would nice to have a way to make the difference fixed by livery or fixed in general so that a pilot getting in a certain jet would know what kind of items would be in the cockpit already. Would add some immersion too, IMO.
  4. Yep, like I said it feels abnormal. Grumman was smarter than that when they built this bird.
  5. I know how to do a weight and balance. I'm a professional aviator. We do not have the requisite information to do what you are talking about. Since HB continues to refuse to give us this info, an auto-calculated kneeboard is the next best hope. If you have the W&B data for these weapons and the aircraft simulated, I'd love to have that info.
  6. Considering there are still concerns about what the real weight of the jet is, it would be great to have the ACTUAL simulated gross weight with the current loadout, drag index, and take off trim setting (pitch and roll) on the kneeboard since we don't have access to the proper documentation to calculate it ourselves.
  7. Is there supposed to also be a pitch up with flap retraction? That's what I'm seeing in the sim at the moment.
  8. Simply not correct. The most common trainer in the world, the 172 requires forward pressure to counteract flap deployment. I've flown at least a few more aircraft that have this behavior. The physics are not as simple as "it always does X". However, whatever flap deployment does, you expect flap retraction to do the opposite, which is my point. I believe the point where fuel flow is measured is ahead of/not connected to the A/B fuel lines, so it can't measure the A/B FF.
  9. You can use voice attack already. Just need to map the proper button combination.
  10. So happy we finally got course/heading bug knob binds. Now we just need binds for Jester to utilize the Next Target button and Jester commands to adjust the antenna elevation by horizon-referenced degrees and relative degrees and we should be good to go.
  11. How is it possible to break the lighting in this jet every single time we have a significant patch? I need to know if this is HB's or ED's fault because someone doesn't know how to properly manage their code.
  12. Flap behavior seems abnormal, but I'll defer to Victory for final comment. Pitching moment should be down for flaps retraction and up for flaps extension. I know the horizontal stab is auto adjusted to smooth these out. Currently, both flaps retract and extend cause a nose up pitching moment (flaps retract is much greater than flaps extend). Seems excessive and backwards. I can get the nose to climb to 20-30 degrees by just cycling the flaps...
  13. Unless ED stealth patched it at some point, the standard atmosphere in DCS was found to be modeled incorrectly when a 3rd party did computational fluid dynamics analysis of all of ED's missiles in the game and compared them to known parameters. The effects of temperature, pressure, and the rate of change of each with altitude are not modeled properly, which affects performance at different altitudes. It would also affect the performance of different aircraft differently since aircraft are optimized for certain Mach numbers, altitudes, etc. which means the non-standard atmosphere will cause better or worse performance depending on a number of factors. To summarize: this debate is largely moot because ED won't provide a proper atmosphere model.
  14. Personally, I would be totally fine with this workaround. My unit really would love to have a player flown tanker.
  15. This isn't the whole story. I just had a flight of four in the same flight and three of us could not take off until one particular aircraft launched. There was no particular order other than possibly it is related to the spawn order of the aircraft onto the carrier. This happened in both the F-14 and the new T-45 mod.
  16. If you had the flaps down (handle aft), then they deployed as soon as the wing sweep reached the flap deployment limit (I forget the exact angle, but it is fairly far forward). They didn't "automatically" deploy. You told them to deploy and they prevented the flaps from impinging the fuselage until that was not an issue and then deployed as you requested. Not a bug. You also damaged the flaps due to this (anything above 300 KIAS is a guaranteed flap jam). Forcing the wing sweep forward at high speed is dangerous and can lead to a wing spar failure. Leave the wing sweep in AUTO and only use the emergency handle if you have a wing sweep failure (if you do, you must follow the mach/sweep angle schedule or risk wing failure). Use other methods to decelerate like the speedbrake or high G maneuvers. Repair does not, and has never worked since the launch of the F-14. The only solution for a broken F-14 is to respawn.
  17. It is likely an encoder in real life. @HB, any updates on getting this keybind added?
  18. "Jump up and down" is a little much, but it certainly does not move as smoothly as more modern HUDs. You can visibly see the graduations of pitch and AOA it reports in T/O and Landing.
  19. I suspect there is an issue with an induced G force as a consequence of aligning the F-14 to the flight deck as it starts its cat shot. Likely the 14 is being moved extremely rapidly a few inches up to align it to the deck, leading to the game thinking your pilot just experienced 20Gs or something. I would bet that the sea state and the pitch/roll of the carrier plays a role as well as MP sync issues and/or client framerate/bandwidth. Personally I see this bug about once per week, but have never noticed any correlating variables due to how infrequent it is.
  20. Negative. It never "went" anywhere. It's been persistent for approximately 9-10 months now.
  21. ACLS is still misaligned for the Supercarrier as well. How many more months before we get a fix for that?
  22. About the VF-154 Black Knights VF-154 is the premiere F-14 squadron in the DCS World community. Operating using real world training, tactics, and procedures, VF-154 aims to push the limits of what is possible in DCS and provide a highly immersive experience. VF-154 has dedicated positions for Pilots and Radar Intercept Officers (RIOs) and takes full advantage of the multi-crew capabilities of the F-14 within DCS world. The primary mission of VF-154 is establishing and maintaining air dominance through a variety of air-to-air missions. VF-154 is also tasked with a significant number of air-to-surface missions such as CAS, DAS, aerial reconnaissance, FAC-A, and more. VF-154 takes its role as a carrier-borne air superiority fighter very seriously and is highly trained in carrier air operations. Here's a playlist of some videos our squadron/community has made: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAQfOlVAAqEkisOV9iZWVfmU4pM_P2PqL About CSG-2 CSG-2 was founded in the summer of 2018 as a way to bring together like-minded DCS players into a unit based roughly on the ideas of other highly structured gaming communities. At its core the group was to have a US Navy focus. US Navy rank structure, carrier operations, and other naval aviation concepts were implemented to give members a sense of immersion and operational scope. Early operations were small, numbering just a handful of pilots, but the group quickly grew. By the beginning of 2019 the group was already conducting missions with approximately 20 aircraft. Today, the group regularly fields approximately 30 players each Saturday. These players are members of the two F-18 squadrons, an F-14 squadron, and support personnel (Air Intercept Controllers, Air Traffic Controllers, and LSOs) that make up CSG-2. Is CSG-2 right for me? DCS is the primary pastime and go to entertainment for our members. The expectation is that you will fly DCS a lot because you enjoy it and want to play it. Hopefully that’s why you want to join a group like ours. Reading some training materials will be required. Aviation is a complex subject and military aviation is even moreso. There will be some reading required to meet the standard. If you do not want to learn the details of military aviation, there are many other units that cater to a relaxed, casual playstyle. We cater to those who: are bored with the same old grind of the public servers; want to be part of a complex, multi-level, coordinated, and discplined effort with dozens of other players; and continually seek higher levels of knowledge and skill. Member Requirements Our operations are conducted on Saturdays during the U.S. evening time. We gather at approximately 1800 CT and are in the sim and airborne at approximately 1900 CT after briefings. Missions typically last 2-3 hours. It is expected that members will show up each Saturday (on time) unless they notify their chain of command that they are unable to attend. Due to the heavy time commitment placed on the member, staff, instructors, and HQ personnel we ask that you only apply if you believe you can have 50%+ attendance on Saturdays. Training is conducted at the squadron level. Days and times are set by each squadron. In general, training times are usually during U.S. evening hours. Squadrons generally request that each pilot attend training at least once per week, but offer multiple times to attend. Players outside of North/South America should consider heavily if they can attend U.S. central time zone events, which will be at odd hours of the day, consistently on a weekly basis. Additional membership requirements are detailed on the application. If you are interested, feel free to join our discord for more information or to speak with our recruitment personnel: https://discord.gg/4snDas6 If you'd like to apply, visit our forums and fill out an application: http://www.csg-2.net/forums/index.php?topic=9.0
  23. The spoiler brakes should close if the throttle is advanced, so this is backwards of the correct behavior.
  24. HB, something has to be done with the missiles/radar. We are going on a year and a half without any solid resolution to these issues. The F-14 is a fleet defender/interceptor made to engage in air-to-air combat first and foremost. It's not enough to simply keep pawning off this problem on ED. There clearly needs to be increased dialogue between you and them about your module if ED truly is the only source of a solution. It's not acceptable that the F-14 has been incomplete or bugged in air-to-air for its entire release life. While I've historically been your biggest supporter, I'm going to have to stop recommending people purchase the F-14 until it is in an actually finished state. I've heard "the next patch will fix 'X' or the next patch will add 'Y'" since March of 2019 and it has never turned out to be accurate in a year and a half.
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