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  1. Yes, it's really weird, especially when for months I didn't have any problem... this is the link I'm talking about: By the way I own an 2080Ti..
  2. I have a big little trouble here, I was using my Q2 for several months without any problem, until from one day to another I started having random crash/freeze. At first, it happened to me from time to time, so I didn't care about it; but since the last month it began to be more and more frequent, until finally every time I put on my the VR and enabled the link cable it crashed. So, I started looking for help in the forums, for several days I tried to uninstall and install things with no results, until I finally found something about it, other users had the exact same problem, and one of them found that when the battery reached 100 % load cause a crash freeze. The practical solution he found is to unplug the cable, lower the battery charge level and plug the cable back in, that way the VR started working again without problems, until the battery starts charging again and reaches 100%... problem reappeared. I tried to do the same and I was able to fly again without any problem!...until the battery was recharged to 100%...my VR crashed again. So, if someone can help me in this regard I would appreciate it, because I can't find a way to prevent the battery from charging itself, I don't see a way to turn OFF the "autocharger" to call it something.
  3. Correction II: for argentine carrier is ARA Veinticinco de Mayo or ARA 25 de Mayo, not "ARA Veinticincol.de Maya"
  4. Estoy usando las Quest 2 tambien, la tengo conectada con un cable para Quest 2 "generico" 3.0 y los resultados son muy buenos, el cable lo compre por ML hace unos cuantos meses atras pero el precio ahora casi se duplico! te recomiendo esta opcion y no la de WiFi para el DCS. Mi experiencia hasta ahora es buena/neutral, las G2 son superiores, pero por el mismo motivo tuyo compre estas por relacion precio/calidad; literalmente en 15 minutos ya estaba volando, las G2 son mas dificiles de configurar por lo que lei. En single player no tengo mayores problemas, PERO en multiplayer la experiencia es un poco frustrante/negativa, por lo menos para mi que me conecto en servers de entre 150-200 ping. Espero mas adelante poder tener una nueva PC mas potente y adquirir una nueva generacion de VR.
  5. With no doubt that list will be available when SA Map '82 comes out, in fact there are renders of several of them.
  6. I don't know if is the correct place, but what about the announced "global map", I'm curious about their technologies, mainly the destructible environment; after all it's a military (flight) SIM.
  7. I have a generic USB 3.0 cable and so far it works fine; when I do a check, on average, it gives me 2.5 Gbps.
  8. Finally today I ended up acquiring a Q2, for purely practical reasons (cheaper and immediate availability in my Country/City), but I'm going to test it and use for the following months; at the end of the next year I plan to get a new rig and VR headset, surely a G2 or a hypothetical G3.
  9. Thank you all for the feedbacks, I read carefully all the comments, more suggestions are welcome. In my country the G2 costs me twice that the Q2, so I need to analyze very carefully if the difference worth it; I will probably opt for the HP G2 in the end, so I hope the field of view will be similar to the Rift S.
  10. Thx a friend I used for the first time ever a VR helmet on DCS (and HL Alyx) and I have no words to describe the experience, it's simply outstanding, awesome...so, I just decide to buy one; my rig is a I7-9700K 3.60GHz, 32GB RAM, RTX 2080Ti and SSD. I can't decide between an Oculus Quest 2 or a an HP G2; my friend own a Oculus Rift S, but now it is discontinued and just can I get and afford these two models for now. Please, can I get sugerences for what of these two device it its better or recommended for my PC specifications; I aim to play SIM flights about 80% of the time and the rest 20% in FPS-type games. thank you all in advance.
  11. I vote for "New Engine / Map building technology" some days ago, but I would like to add now that I like all of the others options too; finally, I don't know if this is a feature but I really want to see in the future on the DCS World a fully operational ground crew/vehicles on the air bases.
  12. I see, my mistake, I thought the throttle was in the grip ... thanks for answering.
  13. The Blackhawk grip is expecting to going for release at the end of this year; by the way can someone please explain the differences between both VPC Rotor TCS, thanks.
  14. Massive FPS Drops. i7-9700k 3.60GHz - 16GB RAM - RTX 2080Ti - running on a SSD Clouds "Standard"
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