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  1. No new canon sound is included in the mod as of yet, when I have some spare time it's planned for the next version.
  2. Apologies about the slow reply - did you manage to sort this? I would suggest removing the MiG 21 sound mod folder from saved games entirely, as well as deleting the folder found at "\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit" in your DCS world root folder. Then run a DCS repair, and re-install the mod making sure the folders go in the correct place. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you, I'll take a look at this for the next version.
  4. Hi, I did look into doing this but unfortunately it's not possible to add a sound that plays at the end of another sound, unfortunately you can only set an initial sound, then another two which it will loop through - even though the name in the documentation and in the config of "release" suggests it plays at the end of the sound. I will have a look, but I think the gun sound may be using the default core game sounds used by FC3 and AI aircraft - in which case changing one changes all aircraft. I will look into this, thank you for the feedback.
  5. VERSION 3.1 NOW RELEASED! As mentioned earlier, V3.1 fixes the issues present in the initial V3.0 release, as well as a few other tweaks & improvements. Please see the changelog in the main post at the top of this thread for details. Install recommended. PLEASE DELETE OLD MOD FOLDER INSIDE TECH > SAVED GAMES IF YOU HAVE UPGRADED FROM V3.0 OR EARLIER. As always, any feedback or suggestions are welcome
  6. Hi, I haven't heard of this issue before. Occasionally you have to wait a few seconds for the sounds to kick in, but you should still hear some inside sounds even if the mod wasn't working (such as the pneumatic brake lever, AC/DC Gen buzz, etc) Can you not hear anything at all? I'd check the install and try run a DCS repair. And I imagine the fix will come with the next OB patch whenever that is planned for.
  7. What version are you on? Stable, OB, Standalone, Steam? I haven't come across this before... Also confirm you definitely installed the "tech" folder within Saved Games, not your root DCS directory. Only the "Mods" folder should go in your root DCS directory.
  8. Nin

    Mig-21 Sound busted

    They are only a small team and currently the F4U is priority, but hopefully they will fix the sound bug in the next update
  9. Nin

    Mig-21 Sound busted

    Hi, Version 3.0 is released now - it was released about 12 hours ago. You may have caught it when I'd updated the title to V3.0 but not the file itself
  10. Thank you Glad you like the mod. Still work to do, but it's nearing the limit of what I can do without help from the devs.
  11. Hi, thank you for pointing this out - the instructions in the README included with the zip are correct, I've updated the forum post to fix the error. It's just the "Mods" folder, there is no longer a coremods folder. I've also updated the forum post to account for both DCS (Stable) and OB. It's whichever you use.
  12. VERSION 3.0 NOW RELEASED! Thank you all for the feedback and support since the mods initial release. Version 3.0 is now live on user files, and can be downloaded from the download link in my original post at the top of this thread, there you will also find details of what's new in V3.0, and what is planned for V4.0 As always, any feedback or suggestions are welcome
  13. Not just yet, only updated the post am about to upload the mod itself shortly
  14. Nin

    Mig-21 Sound busted

    The new mod will primarily be installed in Saved Game, like other mods. However will require some files to be in coremods for the new cockpit switch sounds to work, this is unavoidable.
  15. Nin

    Mig-21 Sound busted

    Version 3.0 will be out in the next 24-48 hours, this will include a total overhaul of switch sounds, adding 27 separate samples (compared to 2 prior), with 77 sound samples for variation as well as other additions and tweaks. I have been very busy with real life matters, which unfortunately take priority over DCS, but I have been reading all the comments and am very much still active and working on the mod. M3 are only a small development team and have been working hard on the F4U, I am sure we will see the Mig-21 get some attention after its release
  16. Hi, the sound mod also includes inside sounds. I will be releasing V3.0 in the next 24-48 hours which should fix some existing issues and seems to solve the issues with the current bugged sound system - no idea how but it seems moving the sound files to a different place fixes the issue.
  17. I have managed to progress quicker than I thought, I therefore hope to release Version 3.0 within the next 24-48 hours. This will include many changes, including a complete overhaul of cockpit switch sounds - I've spent the past week or so cutting up, editing, and adding sounds. All in all instead of 2 separate switch/button/lever sounds for the entire cockpit, there are now 27 separate sounds, with 77 sound samples for variation. Keep in mind, this is the initial release - although I have tried to match one-to-one from the cockpit recordings, I did not have audio for all switch types so had to add duplicates, but I should be able to source some more recordings soon. More details to follow with a full announcement in the next 24-48 hours.
  18. Verify integrity of game files, then re-install. Alternatively wait for V3 which moves the mod to saved games.
  19. @rogorogo @Blinde @LeonXD123 I will post an update shortly, I have been very busy the past few months with other matters that unfortunately take priority over DCS.
  20. Out of curiosity how is the Grom guidance supposed to work? We can't really "guide" it now, can we? It's more just designate a target via locked beam and keep it locked until impact - or maybe I've been using it wrong
  21. From my understanding the left anti icing can only be controlled manually, it does not turn on automatically (Presumably so that if for whatever reason the anti ice system caused the engine to lose power or stop, you only lose one engine not both when it turns on automatically) - to turn off the right hand engine you have to press the "General Off" button. See attached PDF. Mi-8 Ice Protection System (1).pdf
  22. Sound was from various sources mixed, mostly videos online.
  23. At the very least, you shouldn't be able to select an option that doesn't show up on the DDI. I did a bit more testing - it simply appears that when a SLAM is launched, the text for the option to select it disappears...I agree, it should either be selectable only via UFC with no "WPN" option at all and no working OSB next to the invisible text, or working via both with text. May have to ask SME's how it's supposed to be...
  24. When a SLAM is in range, and TCN/WPT is boxed to enable Coupled autopilot, the text for "IN RNG" and "CPL TCN/WYPT" overlaps on the hud. However, when the SLAM IS initially given a TOO the CPL AP disengages, you have to re-engage it to create the above.
  25. When you have more than one slam loaded, after launching the weapons and switching to the DL pod to get the live feed, pressing the OSB next to "WPN" should allow you to then choose which SLAM station you're getting video feed from. This does in fact work - you can press the OSB and it will switch between the stations - there's just no text to indicate the stations even though the buttons work and I'm sure text used to be there. It also works as I expect (with text) pre-launch. I believe this effects all maps and is specific to F18. Above was done on Syria map. To recreate: LOADOUT (DL/LITENING/SLAM): PRESS WPN BUTTON TO BRING UP MULTIPLE SLAMS SLAM/SLAM/SLAM/SLAM AVAILABLE/TEXT VISIBLE Next, launch all 4 SLAMs. The two above pages now display as: PRESS WPN BUTTON TO BRING UP MULTIPLE SLAMS AFTER PRESSING, NO SLAM TEXT VISIBLE YET PUSHING THE OSB WHERE THEY WOULD BE DOES SWITCH STATION & WORK
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