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  1. Already seen it? From whose memories David French Information? Was in T Field? Did you see any Easter Eggs?
  2. There are more units in the real aircraft than what is there in that picture. It is an awesome aircraft in DCS a Rafale would kick ass. It flies better though with Super Hornet Engines. If you should see video of a Rafale in HIGH ALPHA then it is using Super Hornet Engines most likely.
  3. If you put an IGLA and a Stinger missile next to each other, both missiles are very similar. It is literally the same missile but the launcher is different.
  4. This is a very interesting helicopter.
  5. The Super Hornet engines can fit into an SU35 and give it safer performance in HIGH ALPHA. It is a very, very good powerplant. Those aircraft that I mentioned have been tested in the past with the same engines. Very little modification is required and performance is extremely good. The Mig29 OVT has Super Hornet engines which is why it handles so well in HIGH ALPHA. All videos of SU35S and SU57/SU60 doing a pirouette all have Super Hornet Engines. In many engines in such extreme maneuver's the engines would flame out under such conditions. The BY-PASS on the Super Hornet Turbo fan are what makes it safer in HIGH ALPHA CONDITIONS. I highly recommend Sukhoi, Dassault, Saab and Mikoyan test their aircraft with that powerplant. It makes it safer for pilots particularly where dogfights are concerned and loss of energy can happen. It is a dangerous area the low speed and a good powerplant can get you out of trouble if a pilot should wind up in that situation.
  6. Although it seems that it is pointing canted the airflow is outwards following an AGILE AERODYNAMIC PROFILE. It adds stability but does not negate performance in any way shape or form. Where I come from we would not direct them that way but it is unique in this History to have an aircraft with that.
  7. Interesting aircraft Air Force One with a lot of cool features. No doubt they might wind up with ANTI-PROJECTILE SHIELDS someday!
  8. So you have a home cockpit of an AH64D? And you would like a IHADSS Helmet for your cockpit? Sounds cool.
  9. The Super Hornet is not draggy, it has a lot of power in both of those engines. It is a very sleek aerodynamic cross section. It can beat a Hornet in acceleration. It has the same engines as an F22. Those engines are very good in other airframes such as SU35S, Gripen, Rafale and SU60 fly better with them.
  10. If you look carefully at the serial numbers of the aircraft, does it match anything on Earth? And also the aircraft carriers and ships, is there any major differences between the ones in the Movies and those in actual service?
  11. The real AH64D will someday be getting an AUTO-TAKE OFF, CRUISE and AUTO-LAND for their AUTOPILOT. That includes landing on moving ships.
  12. The upgrade is called the Super Raptor.
  13. Drag? The Superhornet carriers more ordnance and that is its advantage over the F/A-18C aside the radar. There is many cool upgrades for both aircraft in the near future.
  14. They placed an order for AESA UNITS but there is a lot of other upgrades for the Hornet which will make it an even better Fighter to operate.
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