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  1. It was never 72 for hover stop. Always been 82
  2. Figured it out. If my DMT is in TV mode it doesn’t work. If I put it in INS mode or indeed switch it to LST it works fine. I don’t really understand the systems it seems
  3. Hi folks. I'm having a problem with the point blank auto bombing mode. Im not getting the symbology when I place my FPM on a target and press and hold pickle button. I have master arm on, A/G selected, have nothing designated, in CCRP mode and I'm at a >-5 dive angle (trying to use Mk83s) ? Prior to this I dropped 2x GBU 38 successfully in TOO mode. Would having T1 and T2 still in the nav system be the issue ? Thanks.
  4. Just watched a superb tutorial by TEAcypher. regarding the above. However, I cant seem to create more than x2 targets of opportunity. Is this how it should be or am I missing a step on how to drop on a 3rd and 4th target ?
  5. Deephack, has just finished an excellent series on the harrier. He’s now doing viper. Overkill also has a superb harrier series. these 2 are the best. Both on utube obviously
  6. Thanks Shagrat. Yes, I usually start pre aligned, 2.7 must have reset it. Thanks again
  7. Hi after d/loading 2.7 I no longer have a flight path marker. Also, the ‘DESG’ button on the ehsd is no longer there. Is this part of the new upgrade ?
  8. On EHSD you need to be in AG mode to change the laser code. be aware there is SSS down and SSS aft both totally different. Can’t understand why you need to SSS down x4. X2 works fine with me.
  9. Watched a tutorial on YouTube. Dropping iron bombs on bombing circles. Are these available in the main game or as a mod ?
  10. I was having the same problems. I started a thread called ‘IRMV again’. The bit of advice I got solved it for me. It was my blunder. I use a T16000m and the 4 way ‘Chinese’ hat switch does not have a ‘depress’. I was reading it as aft, instead of down. I allocated another switch for sss depress and it all fell into place. Understanding how the sensors work together is tricky but vital. Anyway, probably not helping you. IRMVs are easier with the DMT but more satisfying with the TPOD, as it takes more skill. Watch a bloke called ‘Overkill’ on YouTube. ‘Deephack’ has started a AV8b series on YouTube, he hasn’t got as far as IRMV yet but he’s got a clarity of his own. Going from tpod to IRMV, you will need to sss depress x2 before you sss fwd to switch it to IRMV so you can tdc depress to get a lock. Alphabet spaghetti
  11. Thank you Draken35. Worked a charm. Progress.
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