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  1. Any word? Its been 3 Months and I haven't heard any news from ED about a texture template ETA.
  2. As tittle suggests. When we getting the P-47 Template.
  3. Is there any ETA on the texture template for the P-47? Thanks!
  4. There was a thread on the P-51 Discussions. You might have luck finding it over there.
  5. If its default in the game with out downloading anything i wouldnt call it a "mod" :pilotfly:
  6. If you change somethings in the Cockpit description for the P-51 apparently you can set a custom photo. I couldnt find the forum thread but heres something in the User files. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1753984/
  7. Will there be a custom cockpit photo option for the P-47, just like how there is in the P-51?
  8. When can we expect the next update?
  9. We discussed wanting to release after the Super Carrier, but we dont think the Super Carrier will release any time soon. I can just give a time frame of the end of this month or early June. We still have a lot of things we need to add and fix a lot of bugs we have with the Super Hornet.
  10. From the obvious things like the FM, Cockpit, are from F/A-18C. Everything else you see is made by the team like the Textures, Pilot, etc.
  11. That was previously before the team came together. There should be a new FAQ up by this week.
  12. Just wanted to update anyone that follows this thread and isnt following us on discord. We have had talks recently to release the F/A-18E/F/G. But we dont have a release date yet. There are things we need to fix and still add. Be sure to follow us on our discord for up to speed news about the project.
  13. The mod will be private until we have everything all sorted out. Hoping that the Super Carrier doesn't break anything.
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