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  1. Well that's unfortunate. The real 362 at the Tracadie air to ground range in New Brunswick.
  2. The file is there. Its just the older file. I haven't seen Jocko around in awhile.
  3. So that's why I'm showing Jocko417 that the OTU skins aren't displaying properly. From 2014 so stuff has changed. Not that skin
  4. Hi Jocko... Having an issue with the OTU skins. Something missing?
  5. Awesome, thanks
  6. Looking for a kneeboard. Have read a few posts about it but can't seem to locate one.
  7. The 2021 version I guess. Got it before Christmas. Moved him out, F15 works.
  8. This mod made the F15C unusable. I just went to fly it in the last week and it wouldn't work. Process of elimination found Santa was the prob.
  9. With the VSN guys working on the F4, they have the B model now. Will these work with some mods to it? It refers to the F4E.
  10. Is that ship engaging a missile with the main guns?
  11. I don't have any. I did find out that if I select N/T for fusing that they work.
  12. Same problem. If I have it set to the outers on and inners off and drop 2 - away they go. Turn on the inners and try to drop again. No go.
  13. Good god ....what a package. I see the blue glowing tails. Thats the formation lighting thats showing up out of place.
  14. CCIP is once you are ready to go, press and drop it. Is CCRP working now? The Reapers video was March 2021...same one?
  15. Many skins and templates to boot!!! Wooo
  16. Turn off the Hidden on F10 map. You are blocking them to yourself.
  17. There was mention of the strobe lights looking off. You can see it there. If the aircraft is inverted you can defiantly see it on the bottom.
  18. That aircraft doesn't seem to get a lot of love. Are you on the F104 Discord? They have a F4 channel there. Might be some modders who have sorted that out but aren't here.
  19. Installed the latest update of the A-6E this AM. I have some black square blocking the pilots view. Seems to be something to do with radio. I have bombs loaded and the keys bound but can't select A2G mode or some weapon mode to get the weapons off the aircraft. Any tips?
  20. Looked but didn't see it recently. Downloaded the aircraft this morning. Missing some textures in the cockpit. Back up compass. Mirrors. Was interesting watching the pilots in the pit. Back seater not moving. I punch out to test it and he wakes up and starts looking around. LOL
  21. Do you have a note of whats the difference between SP and MP? SP more features I know but what am I going to miss? Used SP before the last patch. Usual server I play on wasn't worried about a pure client.
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