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  1. Klingt interessant, werde ich mal drauf achten! Wenn sie eine Formation sind, dann sollte das klappen. Sollte man in der LSO-Sicht sehen können, ob dann beide Flugzeuge in der Liste auftauchen.
  2. Ein paar mehr Informationen über das was du tust, würde ungemein helfen. Bist du in der Luft oder am Boden, Kühler offen oder geschlossen? Power-Setting? Wie von Anderen schon beschrieben, raucht der Motor (Bug) nach kurzer Zeit nach dem Triebwerksstart. Das geht aber in der Luft wieder aus, wenn man einige Zeit schnell genug mit Climb- oder Continuous-Power fliegt. Wenn der Motor aus geht, dann scheint aber noch etwas anderes nicht zu passen. Kannst du vllt noch ein paar mehr Informationen dazu bringen?
  3. I'd say that depends on RB's choice of modelling. IIRC the Mirage IIIEA was mostly used for air-defense and therefore most probably didn't feature all the funny stuff like the JL100 or RPK bomb-carrying tanks. But maybe RB is taking another path (considering the MIII's wide range of export-customers) and the chose to model those. It ceratinly would add a lot of additional value for mission-designers. Also adding other quirky parts like the SEPR booster rocket (I don't think Argentina used those) would be fun, though most export-users didn't activate the provisions for those and opted for the fuel-tanks and guns instead. The SEPR and gun-package/ rear tanks could normally be exchanged fairly quickly, though the rocket-pack required careful handling as it used hypergolic fuel with nitric-acid as oxidiser.
  4. Hat den Vorteil, dass man damit auch ganz taktisch Einbrecher erschlagen kann, oder wahlweise den grundstein für sein haus draufzimmern kann. Über 600 Seiten, davon eine gute F!cktonne an Fußnoten und Quellen.
  5. Release the KRAKEN F1!!!11one
  6. Part of why the 530 blew (as far as I can tell with my limited understanding of technical French) is a combination of radar-tech (Cyrano Ibis, IIA and IV in different flavours of Mirages), a relatively short max and relatively long min range. Hence the effective firing window was pretty narrow and therefore the plausible chance of getting one off the rails in time was..iffy. Then there's the part of guidance, which also seemed not too great at all. You'll probably fly with tip-Sidewinders only, most of the time. Not like the kewl kids in WT, flying around in unapproved loadouts (e.g. centerline 530 paired with wing (Super)530s). IRL, you'd either take a centerline 530 or two wing 530s, but not both. Still hoping for the Super 530F, which I hope will at least be available by chosing France, as the CE and C were virtually identical. The C did carry 530Fs. Not sure if Spain bought them for the CE/ EE or if they only came with the Quatari F1EDA jets.
  7. Am I the only one who's getting a raise in pulse when I see new posts in this thread?
  8. The EA is based on the E airframe - later than airframe #465, so it has the 140l tanks in the leading-edges of the wings. Differences include: - Atar 9C with a semi-autmatic RPM increase at supersonic speeds, instead of a fully automatic regime - No TACAN, no RadAlt - no RWR - Cyrano IIA radar - no Doppler and no Nav Computer - two VHF radios instead of the two UHF radios - no AS 30 or AS 37 capability Plus a couple of other things, but those are the major differences.
  9. The Mirage IIIS used a full-up TARAN system and had extensive re-works made (one of the reasons why Switzerland wouldn't in the end buy 100 of them). They used AIM-26s, not AIM-4s. The aircraft had a map-display projector and a different cockpit, starting with the panel-colour, but it was an altogether different affair. Their ASIs were metric, which is a funny twist. The IIIS later got strakes on the pitot-boom and specially designed canards (they differ from other canard-designs for Mirages). It's an awesome sub-type of the MIII, but I don't want to highjack the thread...
  10. Der T/O button neutralisiert Roll/ Yaw Trim und trimmt stumpf auf 12° Stab-LE down. Man kann auch einfach am Stick ziehen und selber rotieren. Da die Hornet aber ziemlich Nose-Heavy ist und bei hohen Gewichten uU hohe Groundspeeds und resultierend Reifenplatzer drohen, sollte man sich ein halbwegs passendres Trimmen schon angewöhnen. Gehören ja nicht allzu viele neue Synapsen zu, bei hohen GWs einfach noch zwei, drei Mal den Pitch-Trim anzublippen, nachdem man auf den T/O-Trim gedrückt hat... /Edith
  11. There's a reason why Toto didn't call their song "Central Europe" or "Fulda Gap"...
  12. Some Dudeikoff previously proposed an awesome map-idea (more to the east, including the eastern coast), covering more countries, even though not at the heart of the Border War conflict anymore (it would feature the Namibian panhandle, though). Can't seem to find the post anymore, unfortunately...
  13. An old video about the F1C-200, when it was new.
  14. You're right, we need a Midway Class CV.
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