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  1. Thank You! That was my issue as well. This was driving me nuts
  2. Ctrl Z! Especially for accidentally deleted units. I have a few times accidentally deleted my custom carrier group and then I just quit for the day.
  3. Is anyone aware of when ED would be aiming to implement to new SC updates mentioned in the 10/15 news post? I looked through the thread and I do not see any updated info on it. The news points to an April 2021 newsletter stating updates were slotted Q3 2021. Just wondering if there is any news on this. Thanks
  4. The markings on the deck of all Supercarrier models are missing in the ME. They are visible in mission. I do not remember changing any settings that would have caused this.
  5. As the title says, can I create custom starting locations for certain switches i.e boost pumps or lighting switches etc?
  6. Thank you for this! Creating a carrier group takes a lot of time on its own. This will be very helpful for me, and the randomization aspect is great.
  7. The issue seems to be caused from my hardware setup and has nothing to do with the module itself. This thread can be closed.
  8. Lol I have both throttle mapped L and R to my x56 left and right throttles respectively. I use Sim controls. I was flying last night without issue. Nothing changed in-between hardware or software wise. I. Very confused by this. Non of my other modules do this including my dual throttle f14. I am wondering if there is a repair I can do? I am using 2.7.1 btw. Latest update
  9. I do have split throttles. They are locked together. I can try to map to single throttle to test the theory.
  10. When I air start in the F18 and choose Fly, when the sim unpauses the plane seems unbalanced. I have a symmetrical load on, and it even does it on an empty load. It sways left to right and up and down at first and then settles down. After that, it seems like the trim is off and set right wing down slightly. I have checked all of my controls nothing is overlapping and everything is centered and deadzones are set. You can see in my control inputs window that evrything is centered. This just started randomly happening today and nothing has changed. I was flying yesterday no problem. This does not occur on any other aircraft. I have also tried many different missions and maps, all with the same result. I even made a mission with 1 f18 air start and no wind. Same thing. Is anyone else having this issue? I tried to follow the instrcutions for repair of DCS but I can not find a repair exe in the install directory and I can not find Eagle Dynamics in the start menu. I have DCS on a separate SSD and I have also rebuilt my OS since the initial install.
  11. I did do a full Cold and Dark. Alignment I am doing is stored heading. It aligns fully and all DDI warnings go away. Did you do stored heading alignment as well? As soon as I take off from the carrier the POD is able to be uncaged. Strange. Are you able to uncage while on the deck? Even doing a hot start on the carrier gets me the same results if I want to uncage while still on the deck.
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