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  1. Excited to hear about the new pilot model! Will this include different skin tones/ women's bodies as part of the update?
  2. So, I'm finding Hornets with every carrier's tag on the side except mine- USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Any chance of getting either VFA-25 or VFA-113 of CVW-14 as they would have been on Reagan between 2005-2009? Here's a few sites with pictures that may help, and I have the cruise books for a couple of those deployments available too. Thanks in advance! https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/Strike-Fighter-Squadron-25.htm More Fist Pictures https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/Strike-Fighter-Squadron-113.htm More Stinger Pictures
  3. Had the same thing happen. Marianas map, Supercarrier CQ mission, got slow and went in, the game crashed as soon as I hit the water, and had to use task manager to close the program.
  4. Dude, I don't think you understand the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale (I'll give you a hint, one begins with, "once upon a time"), but needless to say they both tend to be over exaggerations of what may or may not have actually happened. This seems a really dumb hill to die on, ESPECIALLY when you have everybody here with even a slight passing interest or background in thermodynamics, engineering, or aviation maintenance telling you why this wouldn't EVER be a thing.
  5. But at the very least, ED could communicate that to let us know that they're acknowledging our concerns and wishes, and at least let us know it's something that's being considered or looked into. However, given their deafening silence on the Grim Reapers stuff from a while back, I doubt that's going to happen at all.
  6. Yep, this. I mean, IL-2 is putting women pilots in for the Night Witches, after all.
  7. Any tutorial for that anywhere? I've tried this a time or four myself, and it's always gone disastrously. Also, does it work in MP? For those saying "just do it yourself instead of asking ED to do it," some of us aren't skinners with several hundred dollar photoshop software, years of experience, and lots of free time to learn. Plus, if it doesn't carry over to multiplayer, that's a different story.
  8. Actually, you CAN see the face/ skin tone under the visor- a good friend of mine has been offering to attempt to recreate my face in my personalized Mirage skin in-game just for that reason. As far as "SJW trolling for attention," what does that even mean? Just because people have different life experiences than you doesn't make them invalid.
  9. You keep using that word. It doesn't mean what you think it means. At all.
  10. Not at a proportionate rate to white men, as a percentage of the population.
  11. Or, maybe you could just try to listen and learn something. Empathy is a good trait for anybody. Representation matters. You see it in all forms of media, and especially in video games, where we like to play to pretend we're taking the places of somebody else, it would be nice if that virtual person matched with our own virtual identities. Women have served in combat roles in the military for over a generation now, and there have been fighter pilots of other races than white for 70 years, but that's not represented in games. For young women or people of color, not seeing yourself in these roles makes it harder to imagine being able to ever do it yourself. I mean, Flip Wilson in the Raven One books is black, and there's even a brief passage asking why there aren't more black officers and especially pilots in the Navy - this is part of why. Also, Olive and Psycho feature pretty prominently in the books, so why shouldn't they also be in the campaign as more than just voices? Women I served with made this video 13 years ago - obviously, the diversity is already there in the fleet- if we're striving for ultimate realism, why not include that diversity in the game?
  12. Because man overboards are a real hassle for EVERYBODY aboard.
  13. Hmmm, so judging by the SLQ-32 on the GW being inside a radome, this should be after the same overhaul where they had the red/ white/ blue hull number island lighting installed, right? Hoping we'll see that in the final model.
  14. Oh, they don't have time to bring a tractor around to push you back into place: https://imgur.com/a/1tb2uWC
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