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  1. Thanks. Had tried that too, practiced a lot. No dice for carrier ops, once the nosewheel gets cocked I'm done. Tried all the bouncing methods, etc but my controls don't cut it for that. Really need pedals and toebrakes. And I really don't want to keep restarting the missions or do cat starts in the ME anymore so the beta is fine. Gives me the "feel" of the A-4 with most things working and no issues maneuvering around my crowded decks.
  2. I'm in the same boat (pun?), not getting rudder pedals and there is no way I can taxi around the carrier deck. Try going back to Beta ver 2.01, I'm using it and it seems to be mostly the same but still retains NWS. This is not a criticism of the mod, just my own abilities. The A4 is so well done and addictive, I've been getting a few Skyhawk books on kindle to read about the real world pilots flying this machine. Such as: Tailhooker Our Lives on the Line Dead Men Flying Rampant Raider and just in the middle of Triple Sticks.
  3. Hi Admiral, I'd like to propose an idea. As a lot of people have been wondering about getting more carriers (enterprise, Kitty Hawk class, etc) however the level of work for a new carrier must be daunting, I've been looking at a method of modding the in-game carriers to replicate different classes just by adding static structures. The attached images show adding a re-skinned static warehouse to the island of the Stennis gives me a (rather poor) imitation of a CV-64 Is it possible and would you be interested in creating just the carrier island, masts or modded section parts as a static objects that could be placed on the decks to create different classes? I imagine something like making a "hangar" that could go over the existing island or part of it.... Off topic.....note how the deck widths don't match at all. Reference the forward C2 and space behind it. Are the DCS ship models scaled correctly? Maybe the aircraft are scaled wrong...
  4. These add on structures are fantastic. Any chance of a place-able runway?
  5. Copy, thanks, did that part already. Its' the ralt+\ bound not the \ key. Must be conflict on my rig with an add on, I can confirm it's not AirBoss/Moose
  6. Thanks to the creators for this excellent package. I wonder if I could get some advice on an issue. I've gone back the Beta for carrier ops (without the NWS I just cannot get lined up with the catapult, been trying since Jan and have given up.) Everything works except the comms. In "Easy Comm" mode the primary selections appears in white, while one sub menu in everything is greyed out and I don not get any responses form ATC, tankers, wingman, etc. AirBoss comms (easy mode) work fine, but I assume that has nothing to do with the A4.... If I switch to "realistic comm" mode, all menu and sub-menu comm items are no longer greyed out, but still no responses. I tried proper radio freqs in both instances and same result The current version does not exhibit any of this, comms work as advertised using either method. (I use this version for shore ops, I can manage getting somewhat lined up on a runway eventually.) My question is: for the Beta (ver 2.0.0-beta-5.1) does "Easy Communications" mode function for air-air and air-ground radio comms or should I be using "realistic". I'll continue troubleshooting based on that..... Thanks. See attached:
  7. I managed somehow to get the model converted to edm format, it shows in DCS modelviewer but I have no idea how to go from here. Looking for tutorials.... I'm including the .edm in case someone that knows what they're doing can get it in the game.... KA3B.zip
  8. I'm struggling to get a working KA-3B AI tanker going, learning from scratch......and I do mean from the bottom like learning how to even install AutoDesk.... I started with the 2004 Alpahsim model (it's freeware now, the newer FSX/P3D is still payware...) Learned how to convert to 3DS, and got it working in P3Dv5 as a working AI Tanker for the TacPack module with ModelconverterX. No animations, that's way above me at this point... Now to get it into DCS and hopefully use it simply like a modded shape for the S3B AI Tanker for A4 missions.....
  9. I would appreciate an option for NWS just for carrier decks, maybe just to simulate the "tiller bar deck hand" for cat lineup.
  10. If anyone also flies Prepar3d, try getting into the MilViz F-4E (Adv). I just picked it up for 30.00 on the Milviz site. It comes with the real flight manual, and you need it! Great for setting up your own ground school and type rating. Easily a PMDG level study simulator.
  11. I'd be happy with a static just for deck population.....
  12. Forgot to add: This version has Cat 1 not in use and no 6 pack parking. If you need those, here is the default Forrestal parking and all cats in use. Copy and put in your new Ranger folder CV-61-RunwaysAndRoutes.lua
  13. I've put together some instructions and files to make the USS Ranger a separate selectable carrier in the ME. If the Ranger re-skin artist can do the others in class, I'll whip those up too. I've also added a modded Moose file to include the Ranger for AirBoss users (like myself).... Ranger Files and Instructions.zip
  14. Also experiencing this. As an experiment, select main AP ON then very slowly add slight back pressure. In my sim install this causes an increasing pitch down. Curious if the same for anyone else. Possibly connected to the AP ALT HOLD issue...
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