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  1. Wha' in the hay is a "sounder"? And that on the I-16... ... made me giggle Probably an unwisely chosen translation for форсаж, which basically is more like WEP in piston engined planes.
  2. To be fair, I have yet to see any difference with that VR setting. Bloom effects in games/sims in general are massively overdone. It always looks like you're having a constant 50+ IOP, just missing the frickin' rainbows around it. If there's a slider, I usually turn it down to one of the lowest notches and it's good then, because without, it somehow looks artificial in another way.
  3. Has anyone actually looked inside the clouds yet?
  4. I've seen so much Helo footage flying though such valleys and I haven't found them either yet... The worst thing is the content creators never willing to tell
  5. In the name of Princess Sunbutt : ThAnK yOu! 'nuff said. (those are the real qualitly of life improvements...) Oh, did you guys also incorporate that to the AH-64D module?
  6. Noticed some weirdness as well. Took a hot start on ramp, taxied to the runway with 23% TRQ, easy peasy cider squeezy. Then I gradually increased collective for a two stage pick up, had to kick quite some left boot to counter the nose right rotation, kinda as expected, jsut felt like I'd need more boot than usual and then, out of a sudden, I found myself lying 45° tilted to the right, rotor blades cracked when I was at somewhere around 32% TRQ with the PERF page telling me 59% was required for liftoff. No wind in my testing mission and I had the controls frame displayed, 120% certain my controls didn't act up (like spiking to one direction suddenly). Never ever saw such weird things happen before, I was outright baffled. On the next try, I could take off without too much hassle, but I noticed when trying the ATT Hold in hover, that even the ever so slightest change in anti-torque would either drop or raise me by an amount of several 100 ft per minute (I know that's because the tail rotor draws the power from the main shaft and changing it requires subsequent change in collective), much more than in other helos, almost putting me into VRS a few times while just trying to hold my heading. The 64 is extremely sensitive and it almost feels as if she's become even more so with the latest update. Sadly I couldn't take a track because the friggen WMR software died shortly thereafter. If only MS could get their ship together at some point... they're in a constant VRS ever since Bill Gates isn't in the top chair anymore, starting with the abandoning of the Sidewinder product line.
  7. The 5 digit part is the build number. BTW I love the options they added for the Mi-24P trim logic. I kinda wish we'd get - even though not part of the real thing - a separate trim button for the anti-torque pedals in the AH-64 as well just to give us more options to accomodate to our unrealistic input hardware, like non-FFB pedals that don't even have a damper installed. The AH-64 needs tons of boot compared to other helos, like 2/3 left for a hover...
  8. To be fair, I don't care when exactly it comes, I'm rather patient. But I do care if it comes with a playable Tetris easteregg on the SYST page in the ABRIS. Like a lot. This totally needs to happen:
  9. Probably a silly question... what happened to 2.7.13? Did ED "Windows 9" it?
  10. I've heard so many bad things about Newegg during the last year on WAN Show, but this kills it. Glad they aren't in the EU.
  11. So this hasn't been fixed yet? I just noticed after my first weapons employment that I'm a much better shot in a hot start A/C than in a cold and dark one with having gone through the boresighting process. Either way, as supposed (right eye perfectly aligned to the BRU) or the supposed workaround (aim inbetween the crosses with IHADSS on both eyes), doesn't really fix that for me.
  12. Not that I'm aware of. And yes, the glass tint still is there for me as well, but it's by far not as bad with the haze reduced.
  13. Thanks for your comments. It actually was the 3Dmigoto mod not working properly for me, I use it to reduce the haze intensity to 0.4 since the Mustang shader isn't working anymyore. Well, that and my crappy eyes (need some more post-cataract-surgery laser shots into my left eye actually). Hadn't been flying any other modules after the Apache release, so I thought it was just it. With the mod, I can see things much better, and it also has some options that Reshade would supply, I may even try playing around with those. Also, switching the monocle off made it a bit better, but I'd prefer to have the immersion of it being visible.
  14. That is bad when I need them in quite a few modules, so not really a solution, but I've been flying with them off in the past when I was only sitting in modules where I had high confidence of knowing what every switch does. Possible solutions would be to get rid of the cursor that's tied to the HMD (= make it an option, I've seen people having their mouse clicks and wheel directions mapped to their HOTAS and actively using this feature), making the tooltips switchable inflight or implementing a dark mode for them (which I see as mandatory for night ops anyway). The first option being the most viable one though. Anyway, I second what's been said above. ED is doing lots and they do what they can. Naturally things are being prioritized (and to be fair, VR is still a niche, even though its adoption rate is comparatively high in flight simming, and using the hand controllers in DCS is much more so niche, most people just stick to their good old mouse and therefor don't experiece problems like the non-functional flashlight at all) and even with some little annoyances, this still is just a great overall experience. I see several multi-billion dollar companies do worth almost every day. Google keeps bricking features on the Tube, Metabookulus' UI in the Quest keeps getting more user-unfriendly with every update, Samsung keeps removing features and adding really atrocious bugs that they won't fix and so on. If throwing lots of money at it won't help, what else will? At least I'm rather confident that ED would do even better with more resources
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