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  1. I've tried to merge mustang changes with the latest OB state. I've managed to do it for some changes, but some are beyond my shader knowledge, so the result is a subset of the original changes. It should contain the atmospheric, cloud and dust changes. I'm also uplading another file that might be of use to someone, it is an extraction from the VR Shader Mods from Kegetys, and its purpose is to disable bloom, which can get annoying (atleast for me), especially during night missions. DisableBloom.zip Mustang Shader Edits.zip
  2. Looks like I've found a workaround. Using the DCS ATC in addition to the scripted dialogs (manually dialing Nellis ATC, requesting startup-taxi-takeoff) fixes the issue. So..yeah.. not a mission error, but a change in AI taxi logic. But alteast I can continue in this amazing champaign
  3. One the lates beta (, on Mission 13, I start the mission normaly, start-up, taxi at the given time, my wingman is following me as usuall. Everything looks fine until the moment I take-off. My wingman gets stuck on the the Rwy threshold, refusing to line-up, behaving like the runway was occupied. I tried to replay Mission 3, to see if it just a random mission behaviour, but the same thing happened there, the AI refused to takeoff. It looks like another issue with AI taxi and take-off behavior got introduced in the latest patch, rather in a single mission bug. But as It is the place I experienced it, I'm reporting it here. I'm attaching the screenshot of the stuck wingman
  4. Yep, the mission is broken. Your wingman spawns at different location than is shown in mission planner and get blocked by a tanker truck. As is it the first AI to taxi the rest of AI waits until it moves beyond the conflicting taxiways... so he effectively blocks all AI. I was able to fix it by editing the starting possitions in the missions, but the file is too large to upload here. Even with the mission working I had to skip it, because (mission spoiler)
  5. This looks like to be fixed in the last beta patch. I was able to replay the mission twice without any issues. :)
  6. This crash happens for me every time in 14th mission of the UH1 UN Pilot Campaign. The crash happens shortly after the armored column get engaged. No Mods or modifications used, except of custom Labels file (verified using the repair & clean functionality of the updater). dcs.log-20190121-174155.zip
  7. winz

    Hawk and 2.5.4

    Your comparison is flawed. ED is the publisher of HAWK (according to STEAM). It's like saying EA is not responsible for Battlefield to run on newer platforms, because the game was developed by DICE. edit: I feel like ED wanted to build the relationship with 3rd parties on goodwill, and got royaly #@! once VEAO pulled the plug (along with the customers ofc). I think 3rd parties can expect a new paragraph in their contracts just for situations like these.
  8. The instructor makes you do two patterns in the first mission. So what you're experiencing is normal, just set half flaps and set full thrust and fly the pattern again.
  9. I'm currently on third mission, so I'm most likely not the most competent to answer this question, but the first two missions were great, workedy without a problem and were very well explained in the briefing and completely understandable. Voiceovers are in english. The second mission was one of the best training experience I've had in a sim. The first two missions really set the bar high for the expections of the rest of the campaign. :)
  10. I've created a Su-25T version for the campaign. The download link is in the first post :)
  11. As Rudel_chw said, you don't have to restart the campaign. I'm glad you're all enjoying it :)
  12. I've updated the mission. Changes: -All training missions are now flown in the Su-25, instead of the Su-25T -Changed mission time for some missions, as new engine changed sunrise/sunset hours few mission ended up in quite a darkness ;) -Some small fix here and there
  13. While I would love to see a savegame feature, I don't think we will see one anytime soon. The reason is that saving state of a simulation is not a simple task, and would most likely require the overhaul of all modules.
  14. I wouldn't say it's unintended. The Ka-50 shipped with Deployment campaign, which is a story driven campaign. That campaign uses exactly this method to prevent replaying old mission.
  15. IRL there are taxi markers that will mark the TWYs in intersections. They are used in combination with ground charts to navigate to RWY/Gate etc.. The thing is IRL the ATC would give you path in instructions like "Rwy 04, taxi via Alpha, Charlie". The ATC we have in DCS is very simplistic and doesn't give this information, so you need to find the way yourself.
  16. I have found a problem in the night mission. The targets spawns, but the illumination doesn't work. So unless you fly with label you have no chance of hitting the target. I've change the way illumination work in that mission, try the file attached. The whole package should be updated once I go through the missions, which should be this week, hopefully ;) The other practice missions should work well, you just need to follow the WP very closely to hit the area triggers ;) Revanche07.miz
  17. Could someone please upload the file? I don't have open alpha installed and I don't want to install it for a single .lua file. :smilewink: Thanks a lot.
  18. Purchased! Cannot wait to play through the upgraded version :)
  19. Yep, I flew back to rearm 2 times. The amount of targets requires it.
  20. I've finished the campaign so I will now sum my opinions about it - First things first, I've not experienced any broken triggers during the playthrough. All missions worked as they were supposed to, and I was not forced to re-fly any mission because something broke, this is a huge +. I liked the setting, it was a pleasant from the regular 'realistic' campaigns. The Ka-50 fitted perfectly. It would be great if more campaigns tried to break from the norm and experiment a little. The briefings are detailed and give enough information so I knew what is expected of me and how achieve my objectives. The missions also have nice variety and few of them are truly original. But now for the first negative - imho, some of them ask too much from a single airframe, especially the airfield capture, and the last combat mission. The airfield capture is tricky, because you have no intel about the units around the airfield (it would be great to have this in briefing), especially manpads are huge pita, because they are deadly and very hard to spot (as IRL). The last combat mission got tricky because of the laser geting broke after firing 24 vikhrs, even when following the cooldown instructions. I resorted to vehicle respawn in that one, because destroying the last t-55s with cannon became tedious and super-boring. The other - minus is the voiceover. I feel there is just too little of it, and even that little isn't all english. Some of the ambient voiceovers are in Russian, and it feels weird. I wouldn't mind in a free campaign, but for payed one I expect some consistency. Overall I would rate this campaign as 8/10, it's a nice campaign that works (the most importatn part), tries to experiment with breking the norm, but the excecution sometimes lacks a little bit of polish. Is wort the 10 bucks? Absolutely, I enjoyed my playthrough, will certainly replay it again and I would absolutely bought The Republic 2 :)
  21. Yes, this happens on older missions where skin name used for units no longer match with skin names currently in installation. When that happens the sim will fallback to the default skin, which is the russian one. To fix this is it necessary to open each mission, open each unit payload and change the skin. What ED could do is to change the logic so it will fallback for the first skin of the country of the unit. But I imagine this would have very little priority.
  22. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=147740
  23. This is the normal starting 'COLD' position for flaps in the Su-25 and Su-25T (has been for years). The flaps will be retracted the moment you start your engines and the hydraulics get pressurised.
  24. The manpand spawns only if you overfly the city. This is pretty standard for story campaign and both the Ka-50 campaigns - Deployment and Operation Medvedev were set this way too.
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