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  1. I currently run a q2 on a 3090 with 9900k and the graphics are fine. It runs well, the cpu can get bogged down in heavy scenarios but nothing too bad. I play engima in VR no worries! However I want more! so I will be changing to next gen AMD or Intel, reviews depending. So you could just upgrade your GPU and wait. I'm very interested in this thread and the cache improvements that AMD are bringing so it may may AM5 a good choice even if the 3D chips do not come in first release. Then of course there is the 40 series Nvidia coming too..... Overall I would wait completely.
  2. Hi, really enjoying the server. Great work, I may have just missed it it but is there a list of nav frequencies for airfields and farps? I find it really difficult to keep checking on f10 in VR. If they are somewhere I can make a kneeboard for them. I'm mostly in f5 or hind (never in the same session!) Thanks
  3. Interesting this seems to hit the GPU times hard. I bet Aleppo hits CPU more still.
  4. I can't get the link to the paintkit to work at all, very very slow then fails. Anyone got a good copy? Its the same link on the Razbam website
  5. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Hmm, I used to switch off GPU scaling but I really couldn't tell any difference so decided that it probably wasn't scaling all that much if at all. I also used to change bitrate and encode width, then I read that oculus sets encode width automatically off bitrate so I left this at default. Again no perceivable change in any direction. The bitrate definitely used need setting manually setting but I also read that 500 was a bit over the top, I set at 300 - no change and now again at default, no change. I have occasionally re-tested these but I really don't ever see any differences. I also used to lock ASW at half (40 for me) as It does go to 80 at altitude and the switching was jarring, again they seem to fix this and I just can't tell for the most part. What do you mean when you say kept ASW? Lock it to half only or allow it to auto on/off. I know where the distortions are its not something I find a problem in DCS, just one of those things. Unlike the civilian sim which I think ASW is horrible in, but that's a separate story. I didn't realise ED had updated their guidance but its kind of minimal. I should also add that I always run on the cable, keeps the battery topped up. Airlink appears to be indentical performance but I actually don't have that much DCS hours using it. It is great for shooting zombies though!
  6. Its a shame considering that the kneeboard is pretty difficult to work with anyway, this just makes it harder and on a map that really benefits from good information.
  7. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    I only change FOV these days. Everything else is at default so I don't mind.
  8. For me runs great everywhere, but towns are suprisingly hard, like small bit of the marianas. This is suprising as I can fly over cities in Syria with minimal problem and Vega/Dubai with no issues and they appear much bigger with more objects than any of these towns. It could be that this will change with updates.
  9. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Well I've been running oculus since the rift s days. Not an oculus fan really but they just been the best for me (personal preference) advice would be ditch all VR management mods. Just use the main applications and the debug tool.
  10. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Maybe. I run FOV at 0.9 but it isn't great to start with I've tried lower and it's really, really small. But each to thier own. Yes I suppose that will allow you run high res and cut them off at the sides. Still unsure why you would go modding DSC to run a headset it supports anyway (or using steamvr?) Always runs great for me as it is. Even on older hardware it was one of the benefits.
  11. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Yeah I know what super sampling is. My point was that you are running it at max res and then 0.1 extra on top this is really hard to do even on a big card. You will be much better off not running this high and you wont need so much compensation elsewhere. Sampling 0.1 of it a max res is a large increase as it's relative to the base resolution. Also yeah I know oculus supports open xr but you do not need to mod DCS to run it as DCS runs oculus natively which is the cleanest. I guess you want to use the toolkit, but again you likely only need this because you are slamming too many pixels at the card in the first place. It's just a bit misleading as the Q2 is very simple to set up on any machine.
  12. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    So many variables. I'm surprised people see any gains using an open XR mod over the native support for the base oculus software. 2060 is going to be a difficult card to run a q2 on. I have a 3090 and it will not run full oculus resolution and 1.1 supersampling as you have done above. This is a massive amount of pixels and you are clearly compensating for this with a large reduction on FOV and low textures. I don't think there is much gain on the Q2 in supersampling once you are at max res anyway, there is a limit to what the screens are physically capable of.
  13. Good example of how awesome the new flir is.
  14. Fair enough, yes my rig is well trimmed for too. However in a similar set up (on SA map) I get 7.X present and over 100fps. SA map seems to run really well.
  15. Your CPU times for Present are high. I think this means background apps are draining CPU. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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