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  1. That's cool. Never seen it, where can you use it?
  2. Ummm, you mean hand tracking is not supported over link? That is correct. My Q2 does not have a rift-S mode.....
  3. Once you add it up there is a lot of keyboard commands. All "game" commands. Not aircraft operation (unless you want to) There are less required game commands if you only do SP. I used to use vaicom but prefer plain VA for simpler integration.
  4. I meant VR headsets. Yes so pointcrtl is really instead of a mouse. You would still need to manage the keyboard separately.
  5. It's essential really. I have all the keyboard commands I need in a basic VA profile. So easy to use. Most headsets have mic too. Does pointctrl give you access to the keyboard?
  6. Fair enough. I have a few skins I have modified for my own use. I don't distribute them either. I guess its easier to do then in photoshop as I can remove most things but add whatever I like on top.
  7. Interesting, I couldn't stand right eye until I forced myself to get used to the apache. Its visible monocle is great in VR. Now I use right in the jets without noticing. I would go back to both if this was realistic Just thought I would check wiki to see, doesn't say much about eye render but I did spot the line: The integration of the night-vision goggles with the JHMCS was a key requirement of the program. Hmm? Wiki rubbish?
  8. I was the same but then felt I had to get used to it for the apache. It takes time but you do get used to it. I would also like to know what's realistic for F18/F16. I have seen videos of A10C pilots with a small screen over the right eye, I assume its the same but the JMHCs does seem quite large.
  9. If you have edited the skin already surely you can add the extras? You wouldn't be able to re-distribute without the original author's permission.
  10. While I could concede that the gains might be minimal on the higher CPU's, I would expect that the GPU there is more to lose by going lower. I fully expect a 3080 12gb to run DCS VR but I have read in many forums about people having problems with VRAM and/or with certain modules. Solution is to lower cockpit or terrain textures. This has just not happened to me. I never intended to buy 24gb of vram but I had to get what was available when I could and I am glad I did. Maybe DCS shouldn't use VRAM like this, maybe it won't in the future, but I'm pretty sure it does now. But as with everything in the world, the highest tiers cost exponentially more money for less gain. I run very high settings and DCS looks great to me. I guess the fact that I can still do this on a 9900 probably does demonstrate that a lower 12th would be much the same... Btw @VR Flight Guy in PJ PantsI wouldn't over compare laptop hardware to desktop. It is configured to run off a battery and in a small box so limited by power draw and cooling. Those are the two main considerations for desktop to maximise performance. Next gen intel and AMD are due soon-ish. by the end of this year probably All to play for in terms of best for DCS, I'm waiting for reviews. It seems that amd's new vcache is doing well for dcs so that may be one to watch. If you are thinking ahead then best wait for these to come out.
  11. I think its a reprojection/DCS thing. I have tried a G2 (way back well before openXR) and i couldn't control the ghosting at all. When reprojection is on there will always be some ghosting. I notice it if I look back at wingtip edges and roll fast. The double image or terrian moving past is the two images struggling to run in time. Try changing the VR pre-rendered frames in the NVCP, changing to 2 (or more) might help. NVCP doesn't do anything either way that makes massive differences but there are small effects to be had. I would like to know more about how this setting interacts with reprojection, it might be that setting to 2 is better?
  12. Food for thought... I would love to test them side by side for DCS VR. If overclocking by 100/200Mhz helps DCS a little I would expect the higher boosts and bigger cache to help more. Its just that comes a large cost in both money and power draw. They do all increase in single thread scores I am working up to a new build too will be new gen AMD or intel, got to wait for reviews. Later down the line a 40 series. If 13th gen is the way to go its power draw may push me to a i7 anyway. It won't be faster if it throttles all the time!
  13. Oculus alone. I personally think it runs very well, I have never seen the need to mod with openxr, I don't use the tray tool and I would never use steam vr with it. I do knock the FOV down to 0.9 in both vertical and horizonal using the debug tool. It just shaves off a few pixels around the edge and gives a bit of a boost without me really noticing any change. Yes the ghosting can happen anywhere. I tune my settings to a low run over adana and get no ghosting. It does ghost on Marianas a little, but this is the frame rate going low (under 40 for me) Polygon count is very high on this map.
  14. I wouldn't go for an i5. We all know DCS is much more CPU intensive than a standard game. Sims usually are. I would go i9 and yes many people will point out that more cores are not needed but each level has increased cache and single core performance. Less gains between i7 to i9 for the money so depends on your budget. Also if you can go for 3090 then do. I have this for Q2 (max res, 80Mhz, MSAAx2 + MFAA, clouds ultra) and I definitely don't have the stutter problems than many seem to. I also have never had to alt tab out. I also only have 32gb ram (view distance high, max preload). I can run engimas on syria just fine. My issue is the CPU (i9 9900KS) which gets hit hard when the game simulation is high (bombers dropping, lots of AI etc), I can wizz through MP syria in the apache normally (grayflag). I would expect a 12th gen i7 to be a better performer but I would spend more on an i9. It does have extra cache and looking at how DCS likes the 5800X3D, DCS likes cache. Again small increase for extra money so open to personal opinion. Worth noting that although the performance between the 3090 and 3090ti isn't massive, the 3090ti has significantly better/improved power delivery. Some 3090s haven't coped well and have had failed power stages. Its said that the ti is using design specs from the 40 series.... As for your questions 1. Check mobo manufacturer's website they will have the manual available which should tell you everything. 2.Again I would check with the card you want to buy. I wouldn't say its a given. I think wifi and bluetooth usb "dongles" can be bought pretty cheap though 3.Probably... RGB systems are a bit of a mess. Fan RGB can just be unplugged (separate RGB and motor plugs). My RGB on the RAM and GPU do stay off without the software, some may not. It might be that it all goes through a controller, which you can just unplug. I would expect that you would be able to disable most of it without too much problem. some may need the software installed to switch it off from a default state.
  15. I'm confused now. So 6400mhz is slow and not advisable but you doubt boards will ever run 8000mhz. 12800 is when it will shine?
  16. @BitMaster @LucShep Good information there. I was aware of some of that but thanks for the detail. Would you still recommend building a new pc using 13th gen or am5 on DDR4? Would it not better to go with DDR5 and upgrade down the line when the better speeds become available?
  17. Is 6400 considered slow for DDR5? The slower kits I have seen are 5200 and 5600.
  18. Dunno... they have to look far ahead so maybe it doesn't make sense with the plan for future DCS versions?
  19. Just priorities I think. Afghan is in the works plus updates to others I'm sure. Nobody has unlimited time.
  20. There has been so many requests for fallon. I hope that we can get a Nevada 2.0 at some point. A paid update would be fine with me. Since the Caucasus update the nevada map now has the oldest ground textures of them all. There is so much potential for expansion on it too.
  21. Personally I abandoned Vaicom, nice idea but just takes over too much. Voice attack on its own though is great. I use it for all keyboard commands and just needs a single keybind rather than 2/3/4 like viacom does.
  22. Hoirtel

    Quest 2 DCS VR

    Ignore open xr. Oculus doesn't need it.
  23. Yeah, so what I mean is that if say you tune to a tanker, only the menu items for the tanker will appear, if you tune to an ATC only the menu items for that airfield will appear, if you tune to an empty frequency - then its available for voicechat. All on the same bind switching between a PTT for voice chat and menu calling for others. Sorry this is bit of a thread derail! Btw the module VoIP binds overriding the general UI VoIP binds makes a lot of sense. Means I can have the added radio bound to where I normally have radio 2 for warbirds etc but when in a an airframe with two radios (usually modern ones) then it gets overridden. I do use voice attack for all things I need to request via the keyboard (VR player), including the rearm menu and ready pre-contact. Therefore I have to have this on a single comms bind too, so it does add to the comms button binding struggle. I don't use vaicom anymore, prefer just having VA call keyboard commands.
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