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  1. Are these f16 grips? A10 grips? Or whole sticks.
  2. Are there plans to make this a full completed unit for purchase? or just public files.
  3. I've been scrolling through endless topics and Google trying to get an answer to getting reshade to work in openxr (mentioned it doesn't) , but how can I get a similarly effect in openxr? Is there a guide? I came across a screenshot of settings in composite3d with color saturation, etc. I'd there a ready made preset available somewhere?
  4. What he said, single core "IPC" is where you want to be, even the 12600k is excellent. Until ED releases a multicore engine update, IPC is still the king for DCS.
  5. I was running an 8700k @5ghz with a 3080 and it was bottlenecking My card horribly. My advice is save the extra cash and upgrade your cpu to a 12600k, dcs is more cpu bound than gpu, the 12600k has excellent IPC performance (which is what DVS needs still). I got a new mobo(z670 ddr4 ver) and cpu for 450$ and now fpsvr is no longer in the red on either cpu/gpu after tweaking. I'm finally running 45-63 stable up to 90 dependent on server; enigmas cold war, and 4ya training. Don't waste money on something that's gonna be an issue, I already did that for you.
  6. overclocking should be more of a priority then a new CPU, if you can do both that would be ideal. DCS only uses 2 cores, so overclocking them, or only 2 of the /4/6 or 8 others and using CPU affinity, which to my understanding is a new feature in windows 11, would be ideal. The other aspect to look into is AMD FSR, shader mods , etc. check links below. The best way to describe DCS is like trying to get an old Nokia phone to try and use 5G for data, it was written before all the new tech language existed, so it uses pure horsepower, albeit not very efficiently. All of us are hoping for AMD vulkan implementation to ease the suffering and start using some of this new tech to have a better experience. Until then mods and tweaks are you best bet, ive spent hours trying t fix my bugs, some of these guides and community support has helped. https://vr4dcs.com/2019/08/08/process-lasso-simple-first-tune/ also tuning guide and mods https://www.gamersbynight.com/dcs-settings-vr/
  7. https://www.gamersbynight.com/dcs-settings-vr/
  8. It seems to have helped a bit from initial tests, will continue to see if it fixes the issue. I have a brand new 5600x and x570 mobo sitting here since feb of 2021, just too lazy to redo everything. If it doesnt improve i guess ill be building again; hate pulling cables, reinstalling stuff.
  9. pd in game is at 1.0, steam is at 130% , didn't have this problem before, ts only been the last few patches that this problem has arisen . i know its bad photo,but i can only take it through the lens.
  10. glad you posted, i have this same issue. My latency goes from the teens, to like 30-40+ ms , i start dropping frames like crazy: per fpsvr. I have to alt-tab for a bit then it settles down. since this new patch its horrible. I'm running a 8700k @4.7 with 32gb ram, 3080.
  11. So what was the conclusion for this item?
  12. Sign me up when you start making completed production units. Might be interested in a kit, I just don't build stuff anymore. I've been through 2 ffb sticks and although I have a virpil stick it's just been sitting here for over a year.
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