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  1. http://www.pbase.com/cdrhzn/vliegbasis_leeuwarden Please post a comment on the photo site
  2. I think it depends on the quality of the power supply too.
  3. That's really good news Han. Thank you and thank the rest of the dev team from me for the hard work that's being done to fix problems.
  4. Hm. BVR: RAF Nomad, RAF Packman, 169th Mustang, Pilotasso and the others I didn't mention. Bombing: Paulie, Thomp, Daz and Deez.
  5. Just some names: ZZZSpace, BSR Locsta, Glowing Amraam, Silent Eagle, TekaTeka, GG ( but I think he already has one;) ) (Hope I didn't forget anyone)
  6. He didn't say they did a lousy job. He just asked if beta testers did a bad job OR was the game released with knowledge of some of the, by the testers reported, problems.
  7. I think, if they do that, there won't be many people buying version 1.2, cause 1.1 would solve many bugs, but didn't fix them all and brought new bugs too.
  8. Very nice m8. Keep on promoting this nice dutch company.
  9. Hm, pointing out mistakes in the english language to people who are speaking another language is so easy;)
  10. Imo irl the missile uses data-link for a certain phase of the flightpath, when it closes in it uses its own radar only or the reflected radar beam. So in your picture1 I think it is still datalinked and in picture2 it's out of datalink phase and uses its own radar/radar reflections and is mislead by chaff.
  11. So when a missile is launched from a high altitude or low altitude in respect to your aircraft, you will not hear a launch tone?
  12. Seems not to be the case for AI aircraft.
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