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  1. for me it looks a bit better than before, but I guess that still lacking power on MIL, with similar configuration loadout, a drag race from 300kts at 20.000ft versus a hornet, today the hornet wins, and it shouldn't be the case at any aspect in MIL both.
  2. Hi, first of all thanks for your work. Do you have a campaign in Syria for hornets, vipers or tomcats? I just didn't find it.
  3. Really matching the charts? That speed is not operative, is even below optimum speed for cruise...
  4. cool @wilbur81, but I mean in MIL power, in full burner Viper is a beast, but MIL power is far from RL, as a comparison, MIL in buster should be like hornet in medium burner with same loadout.
  5. It cannot be correct as is today, a viper can accelerate better than hornet with same loadout and climb higher... And for sure keep M.9ish with 2 tanks and air to air config above FL300, which is not the case today. I guess once they adjust the FM we will have the CRUS page...
  6. LANTIRN zoom managed by Jester, today we do not know what we are targeting exactly.
  7. This update reflects improvement, but still lacking power on the aircraft. In RL a viper with 2 bags, 4, 0, 2, ALQ can easily fly at FL300-350, but with the current FM it is almost impossible to fly on MIL power to such altitudes. Another comparison with RL, a clean hornet and viper, the hornet can sustain the viper or even overtake in MIL power. For me it is lacking of power in all the regime until MIL. I hope it will be solved one day.
  8. @IronMikethanks for this awesome product, I enjoy a lot flying it. I guess i didn't have an answer when I asked about if we will have the option with Jester to select the target to shoot in TWS, it is a basic to perform sorting in BVR. Maybe it is possible and I dunno. Thanks for your answer.
  9. Hi all, yesterday I tested the instant action in Marianas, JF hunting, 4 JF shot down firing around 60nm Mach 1 and FL350, 1 Phoenix each one, shooting and keeping in gimbals until pitbull, two of them were in multishoot. Aim54A mk60.
  10. Yes, but not in MP, honestly it should similar to the STT selection contact but with TWS, it is fundamental for Air to Air engagement to be able to perform a sorting with tws.
  11. Agree with @IronMike, but then, how to select in TWS the contact to be sorted without STT?, imagine a couple of migs in front and in the rear the bomber, and the TWS pick up the bombers first, how to sort the MiGs in TWS?
  12. in my opinion, the effectivity of the chaffs are related with the AI level, with Ace skill the performance of chaffs are awesome!, has no sense such AI honestly, the maneouvers they do are not realistic.
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